Flyin' Cars & Attitudes!!!
Date: Monday, September 18 @ 23:33:39 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

As the season winds down, it seems that the hot tempers and bad attitudes get worse. This week we saw plenty of that at Hilltop with cars driven up into the wall to the point of landing on another car, a car shoved airborn over the back of another car, and a so called "champion to be" throwing a real life hissy fit in the infield while the winner was being interviewed. Damn folks, I thought I might have stumbled into an asphalt track or one of those rasslin' shows at one point. Don't get me wrong, I love and even expect to see fire in a driver, but damn, grow up fellas. The incident after the Modified feature was ridiculous. When 2 drivers with serious attitudes go at it, it's a great show for the fans. However, they each made the decision to to "dish out" the ugliness, so neither one has a bitch when they get it in return. They're both lucky that they didn't take each other out, and end up with a pile of parts after that mess. Oh well, the fans got one hell of a show and nobody got hurt so I suppose they'll keep the drama going for another week or so. Unfortunatley some of the other racers didn't get to take their car home in one piece this week due to the other aggressive drivers out there. Jeff Facemire was one of those unlucky guys this week when he was launched towards the sky over the back of another car by somebody that failed to look past his own steering wheel. To make matters worse, you would expect a guy that did $500 of damage to your car to at least come explain his side of the events. Well, that's what drivers with class do anyway, this one did not. That's racin' I guess. We got most of the car back together yesterday and it should be ready for action by Friday. Remember, this week is Season Championship night at Hilltop. I sure hate to think about missing it myself, but if I can sneak away from my slave driving boss early enough in the week, I hope to make the trip to Pittsburgh Speedway for their weekend show. We'll have to see how the week shapes up I guess.

CONGRATS goes out to Mike Miller on winning yet another Season Championship title in the Late Model class at Midvale Speedway. This guy is a class act all the way! For years I've been trying to talk him into bringing his talent to the dirt tracks and lately he's been trying to talk me into "converting" and working with him next season at those damn asphalt tracks. We'll see how that goes over the winter. I can't believe I'm even considering going over to the dark side, but who knows. I've done dumber shit ya know. I mean, have you ever met my first wife?? ;-)

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