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Date: Sunday, October 15 @ 16:04:07 MST
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Geesh, a guy takes a week off from posting updates, and you'd think the world came to an end or something. ;-) I guess it's good to know just how many people come here for information and I do appreciate that.

Last weekend I was quite eager to get back to real racing, after the cluster fuck that they called the Ohio Dirt Blowout the week before. The Blowout has always been one of my favorite events, but this year things really got out of hand, and I haven't talked to ANYBODY so far that actually enjoyed it. It was great to get back to Hilltop to see some good, clean, action packed racing once again. They might have been short on Late Models, but all the classes stepped up and put on a great show as always. One of the highlights of the night was watching Paul Holmes pick up the feature win. Great run Paul!!

The following night I made the trip back to Pittsburgh for the 100 lap Outlaw Late Model show. What a freakin show that was! 28 of the fastest Late Models you'll ever see started the event, and the action was great throughout the entire field. That track is the perfect place for a race like this, and I certainly got my money's worth. That's saying alot, coming from a cheap bastard like myself. I will make the trip again for sure.

This weekend Mother Nature tried her best to keep racers at home, but that's where Hilltop came to the rescue. Sure is was fuggin COLD, but that didn't stop the folks from Hilltop. Not only did they put on the show as promised, but they paid the increased payouts even with a thinner than normal crowd. That's what a real race track does to show that they appreciate their weekly racers. Some other local tracks haven't always done that, and it reflects on the racer's loyalty to those tracks. Nice job Jeff and crew! The weather may have been cold, but the action was as hot as ever. George Lee kicked things off by breaking the track record for the second week in a row. He wasn't strong enough though to hold off Flyin' Ryan Markham in the feature but he did put up a good fight. The most action packed feature of the night might have been the Pure Stocks. The increased payout brought out folks like Anderson and Meyers. Tim Meyers looked strong while winning the heat but didn't have enough to get to the front of the feature. Paul Holmes kept Anderson busy every lap and even got past him early in the race. Lapped traffic cost Holmes the lead and even though he was all over Anderson the entire race, he just couldn't complete the pass again. Behind them there was some great action as Fred Snyder, Denny Shear, and Tim Meyers put on a show. Denny worked his way up to 4th by the last lap but was caught up in a spin coming off turn 4 coming to the checkers. We all know that judgement calls can be good or bad and last night the call was bad for Denny. Even though the wreck was actually caused by Holmes spinning due to a flat tire, Denny was charged with the caution and scored 13th instead of 4th where he would have finished. Hell, that's racing I guess, and as I said, we all know that judgement calls can bight ya in the ass. I still think it's better than the alternatives used at other tracks. I've actually been impressed with how many calls were made right this season.

The racing season comes to and end at Hilltop Speedway on October 28th when they run the Halloween Havoc/Joel Meyers Memorial show. Let's hope Mother Nature plays nice and lets us end the season in a big way. Be there or whine all winter about missing your last chance to get your racin' fix.

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