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Date: Monday, December 18 @ 12:09:53 MST
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I know many of you have become used to my yearly Christmas poem but I'm sorry to say that I just haven't had time to put one together this year. You can always check out the news archive to see the previous ones though.

I've been keeping extremely busy making a living now that the racing season is over but I've also been working on a story that I hope to post fairly soon. In the little spare time I've had, I've tried to keep up on the latest racing news and help a few racers get ready for next season. I'm happy to say that Mike Miller is already on quite a roll for '07. The car is completely stripped and the rebuilding process has begun. I have committed to helping him out as much as I can next year, but I still can't promise that I'll make many trips to the track with him. There's just something about that asphalt stuff that doesn't work for me. He has promised to make the trip with me to at least one dirt track though, to see what real racing is about. Maybe we can even get him strapped into a real race car to see how he likes it!

The news from Jeff Facemire isn't quite as good though. We pulled the engine out this weekend and found that the block had cracked. He had discussed plans for a DFC Racing engine for '07 but this isn't quite how he wanted it to work out. I see no reason that we shouldn't be able to work around this set back though and get him back out there to pick up where he left off. Denny Shear already had his engine out and ready to be freshened up. The rebuilding process on both cars should get rolling soon.

While I was in the area this weekend, I stopped by Hilltop to sneak a peak at what's been going on down there. Those folks have sure been busy, and it sounds like they're aiming for a bigger and better second season. Hell, most tracks would have been satisfied enough with the season Hilltop had in '06, but Jeff and crew certainly aren't resting in this off season. Look for more updates on that when they become completed.

I know there's also plenty of rumors flying around about the other area tracks right now, but so far I don't think anybody knows for sure exactly how they will play out. I guess all we can do is wait and see. Either way the '07 season should be one to remember.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all you racers and race fans out there that keep this page alive. DFC Racing wishes the very best to you and yours throughout the holiday season.

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