Is It Time To Race Yet??
Date: Thursday, April 19 @ 00:09:55 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature can only ruin our fun for so long, and it looks like we'll finally get to see some racing action this weekend. Hilltop will be kicking off their season this Friday with ALL regular classes, and some awesome trophies will be provided by Jerry and Ruth Reed for the feature winners. This might also be a good chance for some folks planning on running the I.R.S. Late Model Deadline 50 next weekend to get some needed track time. No late model team with any sense at all would miss next week's show. Take a look at the payout!!

1) $5000, 2) $3000, 3) $2000, 4) $1600, 5) $1400, 6) $1200, 7) $1000, 8) $900, 9) $800, 10) $700, 11) $600, 12) $575, 13) $550, 14) $525, 15) $500, 16) $475, 17) $450, 18) $425, 19th-24th) $400

The new date for this event should allow even more big names to make it to the show, so this will be one hell of a show that no self respecting race fan would want to miss. Hilltop always seems to pull in the best racers in the area on any given weekend, but folks, this show should be one of the best you'll get to see this season anywhere in this area. You'll be kicking yourself if you miss this one! See ya there!

Midvale Speedway has also been a victim of Mother Nature, but they will finally kick off their season this Saturday night April 21st. I know Mike Miller is more than eager to get this season started and I'm actually looking forward to it myself. We'll see if I can adjust to the parade style racing compared to the 3-4 wide action I've grown up with I guess. Any dirt racer will tell you that pavement is only for getting to the track, but I'm willing to take a deeper look into the "dark side" this season. Call it "furthering my education" if you must. Hell, if you folks out there find yourself bored on a Saturday night this summer, come on down and check it out for yourself. I won't tell anybody if I see ya there. ;-)

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