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Date: Sunday, June 09 @ 00:58:11 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We managed to get the car done just in time for tonight's races but we still had a few minor problems when we got there.We're kinda used to that so it was no big deal. ;-) Anyway,the car looked strong in hot laps,running with the best of them, and we only needed to make a small adjustment for the heat race.Richie started 3rd and was having a great run til some a$$hole tagged him and sent him spinning.Due to a bullshit judgement call (thanks Eddie!) ,Richie got sent to the tail and the a$$hole got his spot back.Hmmm,only at Wayne County I guess.That's a whole different subject that I don't even wanna get into.There were only 3 laps to go at that point but Richie fought his way back up to 4th before it was over.That put us in the feature but the car was over heating when he came in from the heat race.We got it cooled down,made one more adjustment and were ready for the feature where he started 11th.From the drop of the green it sure looked like he was gonna follow Tobie Bago right to the front and he was on him like stink on shit, but things sure changed in a hurry.A guy ahead of them just seemed to park it coming out of turn 2 and Richie decided to go for his pilots license going air-born right over him.It ain't pretty folks! We certainly have another very long week ahead of us from the look of things.Depending on just what all is tweaked,it may be a very long two weeks.Other than destroying the car,we had a pretty strong run tonight and it looks like the changes we made this past week gave us what we were looking for.Now if we could only finish a freaking night without a major disaster,we should be in great shape.Maybe then this racin' stuff will be fun again.

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