Double Dose Of Dirt!
Date: Monday, May 07 @ 15:13:50 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

This weekend the Late Models weren't racing at Midvale so I had to get my racing fix strictly on dirt this week. This also gave me a chance to bring Mike Miller along on Friday night to let him see some "real" racing action. ;-) He may still be dusting himself off, but he was treated to some awesome racing all night long. That was one hell of a Late Model feature!! Having Mike there also shed some light on just how many asphalt guys show up at Hilltop on a regular basis. Welcome to "The Hill" guys!

Sunday shows are never pretty, and this one was about as dusty as could be expected. However, what I expect to be a one groove parade route, turned out to be a pretty decent track. Sure, it was slick and the dust was flying, but they made use of every bit of the track. Hell, George Lee even tried to use track that was beyond the high groove (and guard rail) a few times. The pits were stuffed with 130 cars and the stands were filled with some mighty dusty but loyal fans. What's not to love about that?? ;-)

I was really looking forward to the Pure Stock Showdown and hoped to see Jeff Facemire pick up where he left off. His night ended in hot laps though due to engine problems so it was up to Denny Shear to pick up the slack. Denny stepped up to the challenge by leading the entire heat race and snagging his first win of the season. He struggled a bit early in the feature, but was able to secure a 6th place finish. Not too shabby considering the field of cars that showed up for this one.

Rory Reed knew he had to bust his ass to make the feature with a field of 38 modifieds there, so he did just that. He won the heat race in style by leading every lap. I guess he wanted to show Denny that he could do that too or something. ;-) He couldn't match Denny's feature finish though and ended up 8th. Rory has had to work a little harder than should be required lately, due to some pretty damn shitty scoring the past 3 nights of racing, and I hope he finally gets things straightened out. I know he doesn't like to complain, and mistakes do happen, but after watching the number of mistakes against him lately, I can only say that this shit is getting out of hand. While I'm happy to hear that Helen Keller can still find work, I only wish she'd get a job more suited to her abilities. ;-)

Oh yea, how about that Brandon Craver kid? For those of you that left before the last race, you missed one hell of a run. Brandon had to start on the tail because he missed the heat race. That wasn't gonna keep this kid from running the nuts off that truck to get to the front. He pulled off an awesome win right at the stripe. Way to go Brandon!!!!!

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