Miller Time Again,,,DJ Miller That Is!!
Date: Monday, May 21 @ 18:08:44 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

This weekend may not have been filled with quite as much kickass racing action as we've become used to, but at least a few drivers enjoyed the hell out of a night at Hilltop. Brandon Craver made a return trip to the hill and showed that his last feature win there was no fluke. He ran away and hid from the drop of the green, picking up his second feature win in just 2 visits to Hilltop. Attaboy, Brandon!!! Now let's see if we can't make that truck look a little better with some fancy lettering. ;-)

Speaking of lack of action, where the hell were all you Mod-Lite guys? What a damn shame it is when a track gives up 2 of it's loyal classes so that you can bring in your promised 20-30 cars, and then only 6 cars show up. I'm thinking Jeff learned a valuable and costly lesson Friday night. What a shame!

Another driver that had one hell of a night was DJ Miller. DJ has always been one of the nicest guys to talk to at the track and he's always seemed to keep that smile even when he struggled. He's had his share of struggles the past few years, but this week was gonna be different. Not only did he qualify in the quick 6, but he picked up the win in fine fashion. DJ found his share of other people's carnage during the feature, but that didn't keep him from having one of his best runs in a long time. I talked to him after the feature and even after all the damage his car suffered in the feature, he was grinning from ear to ear. Now, that's the DJ I remember from not that long ago. Let's hope this keeps up DJ!

Probably the driver that had the most fun all night was a guy that didn't even bring a car to the track. After the races were over, JR Gentry slid into the #3 car of Thomas Baker to give Thomas his opinion of the car. Gentry had everybody near the track in awe as he ran the living shit out of Baker's car. I was absolutely convinced twice that he'd never make it out of turn 4 from the way he hit turn 3, but he made it work each time. He made the car work high and low, and turned what could have been the best laps of the night. All I could say was DAMN!!!!!! Baker seemed as shocked as the rest of us, but now he knows what the car is capable of. He's been trying to get comfortable with the car since he got it, and hopfully this will help him to trust it a bit more. It's also more proof that this Gentry kid can drive the wheels off anything and needs to have a ride out there every week.

Mother Nature killed the fun before qualifying at Midvale Saturday night, so it's time to get ready for the big show this Saturday. The Main Event Racing Series will kick off their season at Midvale this week with a 75 lap show. Miller will certainly have his work cut out for him against those big dollar guys, but I'm thinking he'll do just fine. This one should be a great show! (even though it is on asphalt) ;-)

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