Time To Catch Up A Bit
Date: Sunday, June 24 @ 16:27:18 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

As most of you know, I've been pretty distracted lately but I've been trying my best to focus more on the racing stuff. Thanks goes out to all of you that have sent comments of encouragement too!

Last week I missed the trip to Midvale Speedway, but I saw the results of a terrible night for Mike Miller all week. He had an axle break which sent him into the wall pretty damn hard, wadding up a great race car. Reconstruction is under way and we hope to have it ready in a couple of weeks. He was fortunate enough to have a "loaner" car last night from a fellow racer. Hats off to the Scheiner Racing team for the awesome geture. While this car may not have the power plant Mike has become used to, he used all it had to pick up a 5th place finish in the feature. Not too damn shabby for his first night ever in that car. The next show on the schedule is another Main Event Series race, and Mike already has a ride lined up for that one, so we should have plenty of time to get the #53 back in racing condition. Mike might just get used to this "driver for hire" thing! ;-)

Friday night I made the trip to Hilltop where we all saw some pretty crazy action. Burning cars and tempers flaring were just some of the highlights. I've never seen Rick Bond upset before, and at least one driver probably hopes to never see it again. WOW! Another highlight for me was seeing Rory Reed take his new ride to the Dash race for the 4th time in 4 tries. That's pretty tough to pull off with the level of competition at Hilltop each week. While they've struggled the past few weeks with mechanical problems, this week was a bit better. Rory picked up 3rd place in the Dash and 4th place in the feature. With a little more seat time, and some more tweaking, who knows what will happen next. Give 'em hell Rory!

Don't forget about the Sprint Speed Week show this Wednesday night at Hilltop. This should be a KICKASS event!! Details will be posted at the top of this page until the night of the show.

Here's a shameless plug: I delivered a vinyl order to Dale Beckett Jr. on Friday night, and he went on to win the feature. A couple of weeks ago, this also happened with Brandon Craver. Rory Reed hasn't failed to make the Dash race since getting his vinyl lettering from Wengerd Enterprises. Coincidence??? Do you get these results from that other guy? Place your order early in the week to find out for yourself next weekend. ;-)

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