Nothing But Dirt Action This Week
Date: Sunday, July 01 @ 22:38:39 MST
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The action started on Wednesday night this week at Hilltop with their Sprint Speed Week show. Anybody that might have been thinking Hilltop hasn't had a fast enough race surface this year surely got their fill Wednesday night. The 410 Sprints shattered the track record by nearly a full second! Speaking of blistering the track, Rory Reed kept his streak of Dash races alive by setting fast time and nearly beating that track record as well. Rory looked like he might even pull off that overdue feature win early in the race, but he was stuffed by lapped traffic while heading for second place. He drove his ass off after that to pull off a 5th place finish. Even with a rain delay, that was one of the best nights of racing action that I can remember in a long time. Seeing those Sprints getting around the track that quick was just plain awesome and they put on one hell of a show as promised. It's a shame that some "stay at home whiners" took the time to post on a forum about the parking situation Wednesday night. I drove an hour to get to the track and parked in the normal parking lot without a problem. I even left during the rain delay and returned to the parking lot without a problem. If any track has an overflow problem and the neighbors are willing to help out, I see no reason to blast the track owners. Damn folks, use some common sense! It's not like the track was charging to park, and this is a common situation at big shows at any track.

Friday night wasn't quite as kind to Hilltop or the racers. The track ended up getting a little too much help from Mother Nature and the extra water was just too damn much. It made for a pretty rough track most of the night, although all the classes seemed to use all of the racing surface as best as they could. The driving might have been as rough or rougher than the track though, and things got out of hand more than once. The Late Model feature was an example of how ugly it can get when things get out of hand too. That was brutal! It was great to see Chet Alexander lead quite a bit of the feature though. I think he might just be getting that new car figured out finally. Well it's about damn time! ;-)

The Modified feature wasn't much prettier, and Rory Reed can verify that. He took one hell of a hit coming out of turn 4 that left him sitting in a bent up pile of race car that was leaking fuel. Things could have turned out much worse from there I guess, but that team has some serious work to do to get back in racing condition.

While we're on the topic of racing condition, Mike Miller's ride is coming along pretty well and it will hopefully get some testing time this week. If all goes well, the test time will show that we got everything back where it belongs and maybe even a bit better than before the nasty wreck. Mike will be in action at another Main Event Racing Series show at Midvale on Tuesday night. He'll be in that "borrowed ride" again that he set fast time at Barberton with, so ya never know what he might pull of this week. ;-)

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