The ''Old Veteran'' Schools The Young Guns
Date: Monday, July 09 @ 10:27:41 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Fred Snyder has been turning laps for many years now, and has always put on a great show. Along the way, he's picked up plenty of wins, and even the Championship last season at Hilltop. Even on the worst of nights, you probably won't find a friendlier face in the pits. Sure, he doesn't say much, but when he does, it's worth your time to listen. Ya just might learn something. This guy does things the "old school" way, which is probably why I enjoy watching him so much. Some have floated stories about him having tons of money in that Ford power plant, and his reply was just a good laugh. Hell, he said he'd sell the complete car, truck, and trailer for what some think he's got invested in that engine! The saying goes that big dollars makes power and gets the wins, but I've always believed that experience gets you one hell of a discount on that stuff. Fred has plenty of experience and it showed on Friday night. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when he schooled the field on those restarts. Here's a tip, you need those rear tires hooked up to get going, and mashing the "go pedal" ain't always gonna get it done. ;-) Hearing the difference in his rpms and theirs told the whole story. I'm thinking Fred is way overdue for a nick name, and "The Ol' Professor" seems to fit quite well. He's educated many racers over the years in the pits, as well as on the track. He's always been one of the most dedicated and respectable drivers out there in my book. DFC Racing salutes ya Fred, and I hope to see ya doing what you do best for many years to come. Thanks for the entertainment and education over the years too! ;-)

Don't forget that this Friday night is Kid's Night at Hilltop Speedway. Bring the kids for a night they won't forget. Donations for the prizes and volunteers to help out that night are still being accepted. Contact Jeff if you'd like to help out.

On the asphalt side of things, the rebuild of Mike Miller's car is now complete and he even got some testing in on Thursday night. The car may not be exactly the same as before, but the stopwatch says that's not a bad thing. ;-) Mike also ran the Main Event show on Tuesday night in that "borrowed ride" and it looked like he might be the guy to beat from his hot lap times. He also set fast time in qualifying yet again, which doesn't help your chances of a win with their format. Within a few laps he found himself riding comfortably in 5th place, and content to stay there till the closing laps. Unfortunatley he got to see the closing laps from the pits though, as a broken quick change ended his night just past the half way mark of the 100 lapper. This Saturday Mike will return to action with his own car, and while there may still be some tweaking to the car needed, I look for him to have a pretty strong run. Maybe,,,,just maybe,,,,it's time for that next feature win. ;-)

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