Was That Enough Action For Ya??
Date: Sunday, July 22 @ 21:21:33 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We all knew that when the IRS show came to town, we'd be treated to some awesome racing action, but DAMN what a show it was! The heat races featured some of the best battles ever seen at Hilltop, and watching Chet Alexander pull off the win in his heat, was the icing on the cake. That was one hard earned win Chet! By the time the Late Models rolled out for the feature, it was clear that many different cars, including some of our local regulars, had a shot at taking home the $5000 win. There were serious battles throughout the entire field for most of the 50 laps, and George Lee was doing what he does best for many of those laps. He worked the highest groove he could find to slingshot himself to the lead and then took it out of the park by jumping the guardrail in turn 2. What a wild scene it was when we saw him driving that thing out of the woods and back onto the track! That left a couple other locals in charge of trying to pick up the win. The "not so friendly" relationship between Meyers and Drown continued this week, and threatened to end the night for everybody around them, but in the end, only Myers would suffer from it this time. It's only a matter of time before these two cause some serious damage and/or injury to some innocent racer that happens to be near them on the track. I think somebody is way overdue for a "time out" if ya ask me. ;-) Anyway, when it was over and the dust settled, it was Hilltop's defending track champion, Ryan Markham in Victory Lane. Ryan seemed to borrow from Lee's game plan and used the outside to work his way to the front and took the lead with less than 2 laps to go. Hats off to all of these guys for putting on one hell of a show all night!! The Late Models might have stolen some of the thunder from the other classes, but they all put on great shows of their own. It's a shame that it seems that Helen Keller is back in action though. :-(

In asphalt news, it was checkers to wreckers for Mike Miller on Saturday night. Everything was looking up early in the night as Mike ran off with the heat race win and survived with only minor body damage from the start of the race. Nobody even got near him after the drop of the green. Mike then wasted little time digging his way to the front of the feature even after being blocked in and dragged backwards at one point. He was on a mission and that mission was that overdue win. Just when it looked like he was where he needed to be to pull it off, the same guy that caused the body damage in the heat race decided to finish the job. He tagged Mike and spun him in front of the rest of the field, and it got pretty ugly in a hurry. We're out of action for next week anyway, so hopefully we can get it back together for the following week. This season sure hasn't been kind to Miller, and I'm starting to think he would have less damage on dirt lately. ;-) Hang in there Mike,, it's just gotta get better soon!!

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