Fun Returns!
Date: Sunday, June 23 @ 10:03:14 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

After some last minute thrashing,we were ready for the track and just in time for mid-season championship night.Richie started 5th in a pretty tough heat race and managed to hold his own through the entire race.That was all we could ask for.That put us in the B-Main where he lined up 3rd.That was the best race I've seen since last year at Lakeville.He made a run for the lead on every lap but came up a little short in the end.He wound up second to some young punk kid that drove a perfect race.Damn you Randy! ;-) That makes 3 wins for you this year! That was alot of fun to watch though.We licked our wounds and lined up 15th for the feature.We were just hoping to stay out of trouble and bring the car home in one piece for a change.Other than getting hung up behind one car way too long,Richie had a great run.Once he cleared the rolling road block,he was on quite a roll but time ran out too soon once again.It sure would be nice to run a full length feature like we used to do! It's pretty tough to get from the rear of the pack to the front in only 12 laps.He did manage to prove that he could run with some of the fastest cars out there and even ummmmm,,,finished ahead of Randy.Sorry Randy,I just had to mention that. ;-) Best of all,the car is still all in one piece and that's a nice change for us.I could get used to that!

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