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Date: Sunday, August 12 @ 12:22:07 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

What a night of racing on Friday night! The Sprint car count may have been thin, but the Pure Stocks really stepped up to the plate with 26 of them showing up. SWEET!!!! They put on one hell of a show that included a bizzare incident on the front stretch that left 2 cars in pretty bad shape. Once that was cleaned up, the action heated up again with Brandon Gardner pulling off the win. The Late Model feature saw Ryan Markham beat George Lee at his own game. Ryan went to the top early and rode the rim to take the win. There was plenty of door to door action throughout the field and it was a shame to see Chet Alexander used for a guardrail more than a few times. That seems to be a techique a couple drivers prefer I guess. The Modified class may have had the most action all night, and Larry Reed probably still has that big grin I saw him wearing on the way out. It was a big night for his cars as Larry Kugel and Rory Reed each took heat race wins. To top the night off, Kugel snagged the feature win with Rory finishing 4th with a wounded car. I'm proud to say that Wengerd Enterprises made 3 trips to the winner's circle in one night thanks to the pair of #88 Modifieds. Nice job guys!!! A couple of other great sights from Friday night were the packed grandstands, and the return of Randy Pollock to the track. Randy may still have some bugs to work out with that new ride, but it's always good to see him out there.

It looked like Wengerd Enterprises would make another trip to victory lane on Saturday night, but it seems like the folks at Midvale had other plans already worked out. It was determined earlier in the week that they planned to break one of their own rules to allow a driver to collect points while not even at the track this week. That actually is allowed, as long as the replacement driver is in the other drivers "regular car", not a backup car. This rule as written would keep one driver from collecting points from 2 tracks at the same time. As many Midvale "regulars" know, the rules only seem to apply to certain teams, and are often made up as needed to protect the track favorites. I've got the emails to prove that track officials themselves admitted that the replacement driver was using a backup car, yet were going to allow this bullshit. Allright, that would be bad enough if that was the only step they took to assure the outcome they seemed to want. Two other moves during the night seemed to seal the deal for them though. One was a questionable line-up on a restart where the replacement driver was "given" a couple extra spots, putting him in front of Miller, and handing him the win. Now ya might think I might be biased towards Miller in this case, but a little time in the stands after the race confirmed my thoughts. The other move was even more questionable, when the after race inspection was limited to weight only. Now, I've actually been quite impressed with the inspection process at Midvale compared to any dirt tracks, as they never fail to check tires for hardness, carbs, and many other things related to each class. They do this after EVERY race, except after this particular Late Model feature. Could it be more obvious?? It's clear to me that if you're not one of the chosen ones at Midvale, you're simply treated like a dog.

Hopefully they'll be handing out Vasoline samples at Midvale next week. It's the least they could do if ya ask me!

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