4 Wide Action Not Enough For Ya?
Date: Monday, August 20 @ 00:45:18 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

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If 3 and 4 wide action is just too common to thrill you any more, I guess they'll have to start stacking them 2 high. The Modifieds did just that Friday night, and that still probably wasn't the wildest part of the night. We all know that the crowd seems to love the wild driving style of George Lee, but then again people also seem to love seeing a good train wreck too. I guess either one is interesting in it's own way as long as nobody gets hurt. It's only a matter of time in either case though before somebody does get hurt, and things came pretty close this week for those in the flagstand and others when Lee put on a stunt show down the front stretch wall. Thankfully the only thing hurt was a pretty damn good race car. Will this slow "The General" down? Time will tell I suppose, but I'm not holding my breath. All I ask is that he realizes that he's not only risking his own life and equipment out there each week. While the action was wild and crazy early in the night, the features brought us that fierce 3-4 wide racing that we've learned to expect at Hiiltop. The Late Model feature had Drown, Hornikel, and Owens sorting things out up front for a while. Before long Markham had powered his way through the field to join in the fun. Drown fought off all challenges from Markham and Hornikle at the end to pull of a hard earned win. The Modified feature gave us a new winner this week with Charlie Duncan putting on a pretty impressive run. Rory Reed picked up a 3rd place finish, helping him secure that 2nd place in the points that's he's been clinging to for quite a while despite mechanical problems in many features. The old veteran Fred Snyder picked up the win over a very impressive field of Pure Stocks. Once again, 26 Pure Stocks made the trip to "the hill" this week. Highlights for the evening other than the wild tumbles, George Delaney picked up a heat win, Randy Pollock returned to action and showed some serious aggression in the feature, and I didn't have to stop at the car wash on the way home. Oh yea, I also got a different view of the features this week when Ken Cunningham invited me to see him "at work". THANKS Ken!!! I loved the view, but I don't want your job. ;-)

Now, if only Saturday night would have been as much fun as Friday night. I wasn't all bad, with Miller picking up the heat race win, but the bullshit continues at Midvale. With video evidence of the screwing that Mike got last week, he was told that things would be made right this week, but no dice. Mike was safely riding in 4th place in the feature with just a few laps to go when a caution put a car on his outside for the restart. Going into turn one the outside car cut down early and made contact with Mike, yet Miller was charged with the caution. At that point it was clear that he'd had enough abuse for the night, and he headed for the trailer. That wasn't the end of the controversy for the night though. To add to the suspicions of strange inspection routines lately, the scales were removed part way through the Late Model feature, just after a lead change. Can you guess who moved into the lead at that time? Well, at least he showed up at the track in person this week to collect his own points in his REGULAR car. ;-) The scales were important enough last week when a win was taken away from a guy in the Sport Stock class because of 11 pounds. For some reason this week the scales were put away before the end of any feature. Hmmmm........ On a related note, I'm hearing next week there will be no free samples of Vasoline, so you'll have to bring your own. However, I'm hearing that reach-arounds will be offered after dark! ;-)

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