As The Season Winds Down, The Action Heats Up
Date: Sunday, August 26 @ 22:08:21 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

The racing season may be winding down a bit, but it seems like Hilltop has plans of ending the season with some kickass shows. This week we were treated to a $2500 to win Late Model show that brought out some of the best talent in the area. It was nice to see a weekly regular take home the big money, and it was awesome seeing guys like Hess, Peltz, and others making him earn that win. If you ever doubted that the "regulars" at Hilltop were some of the best in the area, you saw proof of it this week. It seemed a bit strange not having the Modifieds there this week, but the other classes put on their normal action packed shows. I can't honestly say that I shed a tear when The Golden Child took himself out of the Pure Stock feature, but I know I'm not the only one. Karma is a real bitch they say. ;-)

The remaining schedule at Hilltop is loaded with great shows including the O'Reilly All Star Circuit Of Champions 410 Sprint show including the Modifieds next Sunday. The following Saturday will feature a 410 Sprint and Late Model Double Header event including the Modifieds and Pure Stocks. They'll follow those events with Season Championship Night, the MACS Series Fall Showdown, and Halloween Havoc 2. You won't want to miss any of these remaining shows!

What??? No asphalt news this week?? Nope! I hear that Midvale ran on Saturday night, but we weren't there to see it. Imagine that! ;-)

A special welcome goes out to the newest member to sign up on "Speedy" is really Robert Smith, the son of Bob Smith, the official body expert of DFC Racing for many years. Over the years, Robert has even straightened a body or two for us. I've known Robert since he was just a tiny little fella, and have watched him grow into quite a man over the years. He's now in the Army and heading for Iraq in a few days. Stay safe young man, and know that we're all praying for your safe return. Oh yea, try to stay out of trouble over there would ya? ;-)

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