Horsepower Overload!
Date: Monday, September 03 @ 22:44:39 MST
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Any respectable horsepower junkie that didn't get their fill this weekend, has only themselves to blame. With all the action offered in the area over the holiday weekend, there was no shortage of options. Since I had some free time Friday night, I was able to make the trip to Lakeville for once. Finally, I got to eat some dust covered french fries this season!! ;-) I'd have to say that not much has changed since my last visit there. There's some good racing action for sure, but there's still plenty of bent up equipment at the end of the night, and all too often caused by the same people. There was a nice field of Pure Stocks there and it's a shame that they couldn't seem to get their act together during the feature. I'm sure there were many more caution laps than green flag laps, and line-ups and final scoring seemed questionable. I guess since Helen Keller had the night off from Hilltop, she might have been helping out at Lakeville this week. At any rate what should have been a kickass race was tarnished by some drivers and others. Let's hope things are better for next week when even more Pure Stocks are expected for a $1000 to win show. I'm still confused about the recent suspensions of drivers for fighting at Lakeville. I say EQUAL penalties for EQUAL violations are the only way to earn credibility. It was nice to see many of the same smiling faces working and racing there, and I hope to make a return trip when I get the chance.

That thunder you might have heard on Sunday night was probably just a kickass field of 410 sprints tearing up the track at Hilltop. You must understand that I'm no Sprint fan by any means, but when you get a field like this, even I get interested. Names like Dale Blaney, Stevie Smith, The Jacobs family, Rob Chaney, Chad Blonde, Brandon Martin, and even Brad Doty should get anybody interested. Yes, Brad Doty even made the trip to check out Hilltop for the first time since it reopened. Now, that's just plain cool! The 410's might have kicked up plenty of dust but DAMN they put on a great show! The battle up front with Blonde, Smith, Martin, and May kept the full house on their feet for most of the 40 lap feature. Smith seemed to save his stuff for the end a bit and once he took the lead, he ran off and hid for the final 4 laps or so. There was plenty of action throughout the entire field too but it was hard to take your eyes off the battle for the lead. Next Saturday night the 410's will return to Hilltop along with the Late Models, Modifieds, and Pure Stocks.

In other dirt news, Randy Pollock spent the weekend traveling to some different tracks. Saturday night his first Late Model heat race win slipped away at Attica when he gave up a nice lead by slipping up a bit in the final laps. It's only a matter of time though if he keeps up the recent improvements. Randy did redeem himself a bit in the feature by pulling off a 6th place finish with some stout cars behind him. Nice job Randy!

On the asphalt side of things, Mike Miller was back in action at Midvale for a Main Event show. This time he would pilot what has been called the "slower" of the team cars, and he still managed a 3rd place finish, ahead of the "faster car". Hmmm, maybe it's not the car?? ;-) As most of you know, we've been taking some time away from Midvale due to the recent controversies. The good news is that Mike tells me that after a conversation with the track owner on Saturday night, he will be returning next week. Let's hope things go better than in recent weeks as far as controversy goes.

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