It's That Time Again
Date: Wednesday, September 26 @ 22:07:07 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's hard to believe that our racing fun is just about over for the year, but it's true folks. After being treated to one hell of a show last week at Hilltop, it seems unfair for ol' Mother Nature to move in and take away our racing season. The good news is that there are still some great shows left to take in before everybody puts their toys away for the winter. This weekend Lakeville will have their 12th annual Blowout and that should provide plenty of excitement one way or another. While my latest trips to Lakeville have left me less than eager to return, I'm still trying to talk myself into making the trip this weekend. If my mean old boss will let me sneak away, I figure I'll be there simply because the Blowout has always been one show I've waited for each year. I also hope to sneak away in couple of weeks to take in the Fallfest show at Challenger Speedway, October 11th-13th. I'm told that this is an awesome show and well worth the drive. Hell, I'm way overdue for a weekend off, and I can't imagine a better way to spend that time off. Well,, alright,,, maybe there's at least one better way to spend that time, but this is racing dammit! ;-) I suppose it would be too much to expect to make it to the Dirt Track World Championship down at KC, but ya never know. We'll see I guess. I will be sure to make it to Hilltop on October 27th for Halloween Havoc II though. That will officially put an end to the season for me and it will be time to start making plans for 2008. I've got a couple ideas spinning around in that little head of mine already, so we'll see what comes from those over the winter.

I want to say that it was a pretty cool deal being part of trophy night at Hilltop last week, and I hope to follow up with that in a bigger way next year. Those ideas are floating around already too. Oh, and congrats to Travis Mensching for taking home the Pure Stock trophy. NICE JOB!!!

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