Cold Action Packed Weekend
Date: Tuesday, October 16 @ 22:55:32 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

First off, I have to thank Ken Cunningham for talking me into making the trip to Challenger Speedway, as well as his hospitality while I was there. THANKS Ken!! My visit to Challenger for their Fallfest show got cut short (note to self:leave cell phone at home next time) but it was still well worth the trip. What a sight it was seeing the pits overflowing for this kickass event. The Late Model fans certainly got their share of action with 87 Super Lates, and 78 Limited Lates in the pits! The Cadet class also kept my attention Friday night. Those things are awesome, and they put on a cleaner show if ya ask me. The Late Model heat races were full of great racing action, but also plenty of just plain dirty driving. Some drivers saw the black flag for it, while others seemed to get away with anything. See, that can happen at any track on any weekend. ;-) The first heat gave me flashbacks of last year's Blowout race at Lakeville, and that's not a purrrty picture. Things got better from there though and the action was awesome!! For those of you that have never made the trip to Challenger, I strongly suggest you make the time to check it out next season. I took time to talk to quite a few people there and was very impressed with the overall positive attitude I found there. What a friendly group of folks! I will be back in the future.

Since I wasn't gonna make it back to Challenger for Saturday night, I had to get my racin' fix at Lakeville. I went from Late Model overload to no Late Models at all, but what the hell. The Pure Stocks, Modifieds, and Mini Stocks were in action for nice payout and the car count wasn't too bad for this time of year. I was happy to see that Lakeville has found their long lost black flag, but that got a bit confusing before the night was over. The Pure stocks were putting on a great show until the front 2 cars had a bit of a scuffle, and then the black flag confusion took over. I'll leave it at that. I'm still thinking Hellen Keller comes up with the restart lineups, but she might be getting a bit better at her job. There's signs of improvement lately, but there's still plenty of work to be done. Nobody should expect perfection at any track, or a complete turn around in half a season. Let's hope things keep heading in the right direction. Best of luck to them.

Oh yea,,,, I almost forgot to mention that Chase Alexander once again put a serious ass whoopin' on those Mini Stocks down there Saturday night. DAMN, this young fella has taken some serious cash from Lakeville lately. Nice run Chase!! I hope to see ya keep kickin' ass!!!!

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