Here We Go Again!
Date: Wednesday, November 07 @ 00:54:46 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

"As Anyone Knows DFC Racing Has Never Been A Friend Of WCS"

The above statement was posted on the forum at the WCS website by the administrator in response to the information here about the possible future of WCS. Hmmmm,,,, I guess that might seem logical to "anyone" that has memory problems, or simply doesn't know any better! How easy it must be to forget the years of FREE advertising they received on this site and others that I operate. I suppose those hours/days spent out there during the week with the Hess's and others were just in my imagination too. I've offered my services, (online and in person) in any way, to the last few owners of WCS (including the current ones), completely FREE of charge, and only stopped doing so this past winter for obvious reasons. I've passed out their free passes to my own customers, and when those ran out, I paid for new race fans passes out of my own wallet, just to get more people through their gates. There are many, many more things I've done over the years for the track I grew up at, but I see no reason to go on with the list. Now I'm being accused of stirring up shit over the plans mentioned below. Maybe you should read it again really slow. I'd love nothing more than to see WCS return to greatness as a DIRT track as stated below. You will also notice that I stated "you will NOT see me saying that WCS has been sold and will be paved (or any other scenarios) until/unless the deal has been completed." I'm accused of using that line to cover my ass. Ummm,, not exactly. That is to keep people from blowing things out of proportion and telling the world that I said WCS has been sold at this point, because we all know that isn't the case. I call that clearly stating the truth, and a plan to post only the verifiable facts on this situation. I've run this website for 8 years now, and some may not always like what I post. However, when I state something as a fact, I sure as hell have proof. As for the information I posted about the possible future of WCS, I damn sure didn't pull that stuff out of may ass. I did my homework, and anybody with doubts should do the same.

Now, does all this mean that I want to see WCS sold and paved because I'm less than pleased with the current owners/management? Does this mean that I posted the information because I'm "no friend of WCS"? HELL NO, and anybody with any common sense knows better!!! I couldn't care less what the hell Ernie does with the place as long as it's still a race track. He could own it forever and run it anyway he sees fit, as far as I'm concerned. However, to pretend that there's nothing going on behind the scenes is just plain silly. The proof is out there. Whether or not this (or any) deal gets completed is up to the buyer and the seller, and we have no control over it. All we can hope for is that it remains a race track,, preferably a dirt one. If it takes some pavement to keep it from becoming a housing development, farm land, or whatever, so be it.

As for being accused of "never being a friend of WCS", I think somebody else should do some homework before spouting off. I've done my part over the years to help WCS, and area dirt track racing in general, every chance I've had. I'm not sure that can honestly be said of those in charge of doing that exact same thing lately. Think about it.............

By the way, I seem to recall getting the same accusations last winter when I posted the information about the new tire rule at WCS. I also seem to recall that all of that information turned out to be completely true. In other words, if I post non flattering truths, I must be the bad guy. It's time to realize that we're not all sheep, and that some of us "dumb rednecks" don't rely on just one source for our information. In the world of trading stocks, it's called due diligence when you research as much as possible about a topic, and it's very helpful in all aspects of life.

Now, let's recap:
Has WCS been sold as of this posting? No
Have I stated that it has been sold? No
Do I hope that WCS gets sold and paved? No
Have I posted that WCS will be sold for sure? No
Is Randy Smith currently working on a plan to buy WCS and pave it? Yes
Am I the only one that knows of this plan, including Ernie? No
Have I verified my information? Yes
Do I have some grudge against WCS and/or Ernie personally? No
Am I willing to help any future owners of WCS, even if it gets paved? Yes
Am I done with this whole soap opera at this point? I sure as hell hope so! ;-)

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