Happy Holidays To All!!!!
Date: Sunday, December 16 @ 14:58:01 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Twas the night before Christmas,
And the new rules were out.
While many appreciated the efforts,
Others chose to just pout.

Finally a track will try something new.
They'll have a set of rules,
Spelling out what you can,
And what you simply can't do.

Gone are the days,
Of "run what ya brung."
Now the crying from a few,
Amounts to nothing but dung.

The whiners say they need,
To have this and have that.
The more they ramble on,
The more I smell a rat.

It seems they think all Pure Stocks,
Should have what their own cars have got.
Their ideal Pure Stocks wouldn't be built,
They'd simply be bought.

I say it's way past time,
To put the "Pure" back in this class.
So get busy fellas,
You can't make those cars legal,
Sitting there on your ass!

Enough of the bullshit
It's time to move on.
Before ya know it,
The off-season will be gone.

There's much more to think about,
During this holiday season.
Than to bitch at each other.
And all without a good reason.

So while some are wrapping presents,
And others are decking the halls,
I'm writing to thank Hilltop,
For being THE track with some BALLS!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From DFC Racing!!

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