It's About Damn Time!
Date: Monday, February 18 @ 13:57:15 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

I figured it was time to post some sort of update around here. It may have been quiet on this site for a while, but that doesn't mean that I went on vacation or anything. Things have been plenty busy around here since the racing season ended, and it's hard to believe that the 08 racing season is sneaking up fast.

Some of the racers I've talked with have been pretty busy on their cars for weeks, while some others are just getting started on them. Either way, the thought of hitting the track soon, has them all motivated by now. Those with the most work to do didn't really get a break at all since the end of last season. Mike Miller was one of those unlucky folks. Soon after the final race of 07, the car was stripped to a bare chassis, and sent back to Dillon's shop for replacement of the front and rear clips. The good news is that the seat and steering wheel were still reusable. ;-) That tells you how bad the car was by the end of the 07 season, and he was still running strong! We've been busy since the chassis returned and it's finally starting to look like a race car again. The power plant should be back about the time the body is hung, and things will really start to come together quickly from there. Dillon talked Mike into some changes for this year, so there may be a bit of a learning period at the start of the season, but look for him to once again lead the pack at Midvale when it gets dialed in.

I'm told that the Pure Stock of Chad Craver will be collecting dust this year, and not the kind you get at the track. That would be a real shame. Maybe we can talk the "old man" into strapping on a helmet a few times this year if nothing else. ;-) Brandon Craver is getting his truck ready for another kickass season, and has already stopped by to work on graphic designs for a bit different look. He's scheduled to bring the truck for graphics and scaling in mid March, so ya better get busy young man!

Now that the racing season is getting closer, it might be a good idea to look into a season pass and pit spot at your favorite tracks. Both Hilltop and Lakeville have the needed information posted on their websites. They've also got their schedules posted so that you can get started on those summer plans right now. Is it time to race yet?????

Oh, and one more thing. How about those Dodges at Daytona this weekend?? I was told that I'd be seeing those bowties and 'Yotas whooping on my Mopars on Sunday, but it sure turned out differently didn't it? HeHeHe,,,6 of the top 8 were those bad-ass Mopars!! I know, I know, it's just Na$car, and it was a restrictor plate race, but I gotta brag when I can. ;-)

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