Who's Ready Now??
Date: Monday, April 14 @ 21:46:53 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Well, those of you that were hoping for some extra time to finish those cars got your wish. Catching up with a few racers this past weekend showed me that many of those folks are making the best of the extra week off. Rory Reed has been thrashing to get his Modified ready for action, While Randy Pollock is working on those finishing touches on his ride. He may still get a late start to the season, but hopefull not by much. Probably the best news from the weekend was seeing the #45 Pure Stock of Denny Shear under construction again, in hopes of making opening night. Just when it seemed"Mr. Consistency" might miss some racing action this year, the folks of PWT Racing got busy to see that won't happen. HOT DAMN! ;-)

As you can see in the pictures above, some folks are already ready to get this season started. Brandon Craver is more than eager to get back to action and get to chasing yet another track championship (or two???). Look for him towards the front of the pack again at Lakeville and Hilltop this year. Give 'em hell Brandon!

Mike Miller was actually lucky enough to get some track time last weekend, unlike all the dirt guys. It was only a test day, but that's exactly what he needed. We chased the setup all day, but things are certainly headed the right direction, and the lap times were more than respectable by the end of the day. A few nights in the garage, and we were ready to hit the track with a few improvements, but Mother Nature put those plans on hold. Well, there's always next week. ;-)

Speaking of folks that are ready for the racing season, I finally made the trip to Lakeville this Sunday to check out the new and improved track. NICE!!!!! I was a bit skeptical about plans to cut down the banking, but I'm more than happy with the finished product. The "evil humps" coming out of the turns are gone, and that should sure as hell improve the racing action down there. Now all I have to do is make it down there on a race night to see it for myslef. Are you folks keeping a sloppy joe aside for me or what?? ;-)

Hilltop is also ready for action, and there should be plenty of that this weekend when the IRS show rolls into town. Mother Nature has kept racing action off the track so far, and that probably won't do the track surface any favors, but the crew at Hilltop will give it their best as always. The thunder you hear from atop "The Hill" this weekend will be the best kind of thunder. Ground pounding horsepower, unleashed at last. BE THERE!!

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