2 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers, And Wings,,,Oh My!
Date: Tuesday, June 17 @ 11:07:16 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature ruined our chances for any racing action in the area on Friday night, but she sure as hell gave Hilltop a great day for their first Flat Track Bike & Quad show. Nothing but sunshine and reasonable temperatures was a nice way of making up for missing Friday night's action.

Knowing the bike show wouldn't be anything like a Friday night though, I thought everything went pretty well for the most part. The flow of machines onto the track never seemed to stop once the action got started thanks to the crew in the pits keeping them rolling. You can't compare the 2 different types of shows and while I'll always be a car guy, I enjoyed the hell out of this show. The car guys would have probably sold their own mothers to race on that BEAUTIFUL racing surface the bikes were treated to on Sunday. For safety reasons the bike require less water so there was some dust at times, but the track was hard packed and smooth all day. Hats off to the track prep crew would be an understatement.

I may never quite understand all the different classes for these bike shows, but the racing action was pretty damn good. Some races turned into a runaway, but there was plenty of knee to knee action to be found too. Hell, they were so close at one point they stacked 2 quads together coming off turn 2! I don't know what to say about these riders exactly, except thanks for putting on a great show. The youngsters may have needed a sun dial to get lap times but those kids were having a blast and would probably swear they were at Daytona running 100 mph. Bless their hearts for going out there and giving it all they had. From the sound of the crowd, I'd say there were some pretty damn proud parents and relatives in the stands thinking the same thing. As for the adults, well some of them are either just plain crazy or they've got balls as big as church bells! Even a nasty tumble didn't slow some of these riders down a bit. Damn these guys are tough!

An unexpected group of Micro Sprints even came out to play on Sunday and they made use of that smooth track in a big way. One of them looked like he might have turned a few laps in a Modified at Hilltop before. That would be Chris McCombs and he used the high side to just plain spank the competition!

A HUGE thanks has to go out to Bob Sigler for bringing the idea of this type of show to Hilltop, and putting the whole thing together. For those of you out there that might think this guy just sits on his ass in the tower yapping all night, you'd be amazed at what he's capable of. Take a bow Bob, you've earned it! ;-)

This Friday night at Hilltop it will be Mid-Season Championship night for all classes. Be There!!

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