Time to Play Catch Up I Guess
Date: Sunday, July 20 @ 18:05:53 MST
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My work schedule didn't allow me to post an update last week so I guess it's time to get caught up. Last weekend brought a mixed bag of racing action. Friday night we saw the return of Jeff Facemire, and a new ride for Rory Reed in the #27 Modified of Tom Conley. Both had their hands full all night trying to find the handle of their rides. I have no doubt they'll get things figured out before long. The Modified feature was just plain ugly last week and had to be ended by the time limit. Once again Doug Drown put on a clinic on how to get around Hilltop in the Late Model feature as he ran off with the lead while the 4 way battle for second lasted most of the race. Brandon Craver's win streak came to an end in the Trucks, but only by inches, after starting on the tail as promised. The only other excitement of the night was probably when "Mr. Tantrum" finally chose the wrong person to throw a tantrum with. It seems that after years of throwing hissy fits at track workers that can't retaliate, he's found that certain drivers can and will stand up for themselves. Bummer huh? ;-)

This Friday night was the Modified Madness event at Hilltop. This week they were on their best behavior, and put one hell of a show with a surprise and popular ending. Over the years, Brandon Morrow has given away plenty of chances to get that first feature win, but he wouldn't be denied on this night. He battled with the best around and managed to keep his cool the entire race to pick up that long awaited win. Congrats Brandon!! Congrats also goes out to Chad Craver for picking up the first Pure Stock feature win at WCS on Saturday night. It's great to hear that Chad not only got back on the track, but picked up a very well deserved win. I'll bet the ol'd man is still grinning from ear to ear! ;-)

Racing action at Midvale was delayed a bit last week by some serious rain, but they were finally able to get the show completed. Miller was still fighting a bit of a handling problem all night but was able to bring home a 4th place finish in the feature. This week brought better weather, and a better setup though. While the car still isn't perfect, it's nice to see him able to use the outside groove with some confidence once again. Hot laps showed consistent improvent over last week, but I'm not sure either of us was expecting the qualifying run that followed. Mike qualified second, missing that top spot by only .02 of a second with a 14.52. The feature was another caution filled wreck-fest, but with Mike able to use any groove, he kept his focus on marching forward all night. When it was over he brought home a hard earned 3rd place finish, and only a little body damage. Not too shabby I'd say after all the carnage we saw in the feature. Mike will be off next week but look for a strong return in 2 weeks. I'm counting on it!

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