From Cheater To Saint In A Week
Date: Tuesday, August 19 @ 11:37:18 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

After the "magic Nasa shock incident" of last week, Mike Miller was probably pretty eager to just get back to racing this week without all the drama. We were hoping to see the car respond the same way with another setup and it actually came close by the end of the night. Hot laps and qualifying showed that the track had slowed down since last week and the car needed some more tweaking. Some of that tweaking came before the Dash race where Mike jumped out front and lead every lap. Still not quite satisfied, we needed to play some more with the setup for the feature. That's where things got interesting. You can always tell when Mike feels pretty comfortable with the setup because he gets up on the wheel, jumps to the outside groove, and gets to work. It didn't take long for that to happen and I have to admit it kinda took me by surprise at first. Working the outside worked great until he got the leader and he very patiently worked his way around him. Picking up a few feet at each end of the track, this took a few laps but he was content in making the pass clean, and confident that he had the car to win it. He nosed ahead enough to be scored as the leader with just a few laps to go but that's when it got ugly. A bump from the inside car sent Mike scrambling to hold on and that cost him valuable track position and the win. It's bad enough that the driver of the 22 car has to nearly take somebody out to protect the lead, but when it's discovered later that his car is illegal as hell, it just makes things worse. In the past few weeks Midvale has decide to start pumping engines and I can only say it's about damn time. Out of the cars pumped this week, Miller's was the only one that was legal! So much for that "cheating image" he had last week huh? Hats off to Midvale for finally starting to crack down on things, but it sure would have been nice if they had nailed this summmbitch before he cost Mike 2 feature wins this season. That's racing though, and you can only move onto next week and give it all ya got once again. Anything else would just be a distraction at this point. The season is quickly winding down and the big picture is looking good, even without that damn feature win. ;-)

I can't tell you how good it was to hear that the legendary John Holmes (no,,not that John Holmes) was back in action this weekend. I'm told he got back to kicking up some dust at WCS Saturday night and it sounds like the old fart still remembers how to get around the place. Way to go old man!! This sport could use alot more people just like him from the good ol' days that did more racing and less bitching and whining. ;-)

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