It's Finally Official
Date: Friday, August 22 @ 11:11:23 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

As of today, Jeff and Tammy Norris are no longer the owners of Hilltop Speedway. The deal has been completed, and Hilltop is already busting ass to put on an All Star Sprint show for Sunday August 31st. Bob Sigler and Adam Campbell will be taking over operational duties of the track for the new owner, and they certainly have their hands full. If things don't go perfectly smooth next Sunday, please understand that these guys have done their best just to make this show possible. There will be changes made to the track as well as to the operation of the track, but these things will take some time to work out and implement for sure. The good news is that the Millersburg speed plant will be back in action. The bad news to me is that the guy that turned a junk yard into a race track will no longer be part of it, and has been pretty much abused by recent rumors. Does this mean I think Jeff was the perfect track owner and a brilliant business man? Well,, no,, but he was the one with the balls to do whatever it took to make his (and many other's ) dreams come true by putting Hilltop back on the map and gave it it's very own personality. I'm hoping that trend continues with the new ownership. For now let's focus on bringing the kickass racing action back to the track, and then build from there. Sunday will be a good start in that direction. BE THERE!!

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