Another Wreckfest At Midvale
Date: Sunday, August 24 @ 21:44:11 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It must be time for another one of those special drivers meetings again at Midvale. The Sport Stocks ran their feature caution free but the Late Models couldn't seem to get more than 3 green flag laps at a time while tearing up some more good equipment. The night started out fairly well for Miller as he qualified 3rd fastest and the car was fairly decent early in the night. He was struggling with a new condition brought on by all the recent tweaking but we thought we could cure that for the feature. Hell, the changes might have made the car perfect for all we know, but he didn't really get the chance to find out. Early in the feature while trying to avoid one of several cluster-fucks in front of him he got tagged hard enough to do some damage to the front and rear of the car. From that point on it was all Mike could do to hang on to the car while trying to avoid still more wreckage every few laps. I know plenty of guys that wouldn't flinch at a 7th place finish but it was the worst finish for more than a season for Mike, and the car was much better than that before the damage. The tough part of the deal is that Mike lost some valuable points in his championship chase this week and only a double points night is left on the schedule. We sure as hell don't need another night like this one! The extra week between races should allow time to find all the damage from last night and get things back in order though. Just think, two more race nights and all this madness will be over! Well,, for Midvale anyway..............

In dirt action, congrats goes out to Roger Drouhard and Paul Holmes for picking up feature wins this weekend. Roger took on the field at Lakeville and came out on top in that Craver Racing powered ride, and Paul wheeled his way to victory lane at 250 Speedway. Way to go guys!

BTW: Look for a familiar looking Pure Stock at a track near you next Friday night. It will be piloted by a very familiar face that's certainly no stranger to this track or this car. Think you can figure it out before Friday?? ;-)

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