Holiday Wishes From DFC Racing!
Date: Tuesday, December 16 @ 22:52:42 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Twas the night before Christmas,
And my ass was draggin'.
But my readers wanted a poem,
And I couldn't ignore the naggin'.

So I grabbed my trusty laptop,
To get busy writing.
I'd look back on a season
Of racing and fighting.

This season brought plenty
Of both good times and bad.
Many shows were great,
But others were just sad.

The highlights included
Some truly memoriable times.
And the lowlights were ugly,
Even involving some crimes.

We saw Miller once again do
What he's always done best.
Another strong season ended
With him ahead of the rest.

For 30 plus years
He's kicked plenty of ass.
But more importantly to many,
He's always done it with class.

Class and respect are just two things
Of which we could use more.
Instead of swinging jack handles
Or slamming a guy's door.

We saw plenty of tantrums,
And more than a few fits.
Some even learned not to hitch a ride
With Hoss through the pits.

We saw nights filled with bitching
Some fights and some brawls.
It's time for tracks to stop this shit,
And it's gonna take some balls.

Now the lowest of lows
Was seeing Hilltop lock their gate.
We're left hoping we'll see things turned around,
And before it's too late.

So if you're sitting there wondering
What I'd ask from Santa this year
Would it be another win,
Or just a cold beer?

Nope, I'm hoping for something
Even bigger this time around.
I'm not sure where he'll find it,
Or if it can even be found.

It's whatever it takes
To bring on an area racing revival.
Our local racers and tracks count on it
For their very own survival.

I want to see great car counts
And full stands at each track.
I guess you could say
I want the good ol' days back.

Back when rules meant something
And all cars got inspected.
When all the top dogs,
Were the guys everybody respected.

A time when racers and fans
Didn't just piss and moan.
A task of this size,
Even Santa can't pull off alone.

So I guess I'm also hoping
For help from everybody involved
To bring back this sport
And get these things solved.

So get busy on those cars
And prepare to support your home track
I have no doubt that together
We can bring this great sport back!

Remember this is YOUR sport
And it's still the best one of all.
Ya know baseball, football, and the rest
They only require one ball. ;-)

Happy Holidays to all of you from DFC Racing!!

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