Ups & Downs Of The Off-Season
Date: Saturday, January 17 @ 12:43:19 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

This is the time of the year when racers and tracks are usually pretty busy looking towards a fresh new season of action. Everybody is looking for something extra that will make this year better than last year. Lakeville seems to be on top of things more than others in that respect, with some new ideas for the 2009 season. Their focus is on bringing back the great action we use to enjoy there without all the drama and ugliness. If they stick to this plan it will not only help the track survive in a shitty economy, but it will allow families and racers to enjoy their favorite sport the way it was meant to be. Hats off to ya Lakeville and best of luck in 2009!

The news from Hilltop is not only minimal, but not as promising as I'd hoped at this point. We're all left hoping and wishing for a full season of kickass action on the Hill at this point. Only time will tell where this place is headed. Let's all hope for the best.

Wayne County is finally looking forward to a full season of action for the first time in way too long after their legal problems were cleared up last year. This season will be a great test to see if the once top notch track can return to the top of the local racing scene. It won't be easy but it will sure as hell be worth the effort.

Midvale has made a few minor rule changes for 2009 and they're also looking forward to another great season of action. After seeing the Late Model car count actually climb last year while other tracks suffered they have to be excited about the opportunities this year. Let's hope the trend continues!

Speaking of Midvale, they held their banquet last weekend and there was a surprise in store for Miller when it came time for the awards. We all knew he'd be honored as the Late Model champion once again, but he also picked up an extra piece of hardware with that championship trophy and a standing ovation from the crowd. The extra award was for Outstanding Crew Of The Year. I can't begin to tell you how cool that is!! Who could have ever guessed an old dirt guy would end up here? ;-)

I don't want to hear any short jokes about the size of the crew trophy either dammit! It's the thought that counts. ;-)

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