Ready Or Not Here Comes The Racing Season!
Date: Wednesday, April 08 @ 15:08:35 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's starting to sink in now that the new season is about to get under way. Mother Nature has thrown us a few surprises and will certainly throw some more but it's that time of year again. Soon the air will be filled with those sweet sweet racing fumes and the rumble of horsepower being unleashed. Well it's about damn time!

Last weekend saw us testing at Midvale and for the most part things went pretty well. A few minor bugs came up but those things are usually expected and no big deal. Mike looked like he was right at home out there even though the car still isn't quite as good as we would like. Several changes later we were scratching our heads but determined to track down that last bug in the handling. The good news is that it's very competitive as it is. That tells me that if we ever get it perfect it will be a friggin rocket. You can bet we're working on that already. Midvale starts their season this weekend so we'll be throwing some new ideas at it before then.

By the way, you might have noticed a new sponsor on the front of the car, and we'd like to welcome aboard the gang from Classic Auto Glass. THANKS for your support!

In dirt track news, I had the opportunity to have a good sit down talk with Randy Young of Lakeville Speedway last week, and I have to say that I'm very optimistic for their 2009 season. Randy and crew certainly have the right attitude and outlook for a great season so it will be up to the racers to do their part to make that place a great family oriented race track once again. Speaking of their crew, it was confirmed that veteran flagman Ed Fredricks will be on the stand and will be bringing much of his crew with him. That's great news if ya ask me. If anybody can help clean up the ugliness at a track it's got to be Ed and his gang. Their "take no shit" attitude is well known in the area and just what the place needed. While they may be strict they're also known for showing respect to the racers and fans and simply focusing on running a smooth show without all the drama. GREAT move Randy. After talking with Randy and discussing his goals, I suppose you'll find me at Lakeville most Friday nights this season to witness this turn around of a great local track. I hope you'll all join me in supporting this place at a time that it could make all the difference. Please just save me some of those world famous sloppy joes! ;-)

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