Miller Returns ''Home''
Date: Sunday, April 26 @ 09:47:15 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's been a while since Mike has had a car that felt "right" but he sure as hell knows what to do with it when he does have one. It's a beautiful sight to see when that happens too. It's no secret that we've been chasing the setup since last season and we've made steady gains on it in the past few weeks. Last week we were pretty damn close but traffic held up his charge to the front too long and he had to settle for 3rd. This week the car was even better and he seemed determined not to let the traffic deny him of that win again. Qualifying 3rd with a 15 car inversion didn't leave us feeling too confident but that changed pretty quickly after the drop of the green. When Mike intentionally jumps to the outside early it can only mean he's happy with the car and he's a man on a mission. As patient as he can usually be it's gonna be tough to hold this guy back when he's got a good car. In no time at all he was running 6th and already sizing up the front pack. He'd have to do it all the hard way on the outside but for once he didn't seem to mind being out there. Patiently rolling by them one by one out there is what has sent him to victory lane more times than he can probably count over the years and I gotta tell ya it's just plain awesome to watch. Getting past the leader proved to be a bit of a challenge and he had to do it more than once due to the cautions. It even cost us a little body work and caused a tire rub for the last half of the race but there was nothing that was going to stop Miller at that point. Once he stepped out front it was clear that he would not be denied this week. It sure felt good to get that monkey off our back and especially great to see Mike wheel a car that he's comfortable with for a change. He once again looked right at home out there in the high groove and also in victory lane. It's pure magic to witness I tell ya! ;-)

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