Mother Nature Finally Skips Lakeville And Hits Midvale
Date: Sunday, May 17 @ 23:31:40 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Just when I was convinced that Mother Nature was an asphalt fan and she hated dirt racing, she turned the tables a bit this week. Sure, she did her dance on the open practice at Lakeville on Wednesday night but she got there a little late. Friday night she must have taken the night off and the dust was once again flyin' at Lakeville. After weeks of track prep going to waste down there, it finally paid off this week. There was plenty of dust at times but the trade off was a much improved racing surface that was smooth and fast all night. This week would also bring some new faces and cars to the pits and a different group of winners before the night was over. It's hard to call Mike Lonas a "new" winner at Lakeville but after suffering engine problems last time out, he drove off with the Late Model feature in fine fashion. How many is that now Mike, 60,70,80? ;-) The Pure Stocks welcomed some newcomers this week also, and Travis Mensching picked up the feature win on his very first try of the season. He wouldn't pick up the win as easily as Lonas, but he was on top of his game and it paid off in the end. I can't say enough about the improvements in the Mini Stock class this year at Lakeville. Not only has the racing been clean, and the car counts great, but the action is the best I've seen for this class at any track. Hats off to ya guys,, keep it up! This Friday night Lakeville will kick off the Memorial Day weekend with great racing action brought to you by Gribbles IGA. Any veterans presenting military ID will get into the grandstands for FREE!

Mother Nature has been pretty kind to Midvale Speedway by allowing them to get their first 5 shows in without much more than a few clouds and some cool temps. That all changed this week though as she rolled in with all her fury soon after the drivers meeting. That was the end of the night and a long run of rain free action for Midvale. I know some of you have been naggin' me about not posting updates for Miller the last couple of weeks so here's the condensed version. The car has been pretty damn good since the night he won the feature but that hasn't stopped us from trying some other ideas. The only real hold up for Mike lately has been the luck of the draw, and the rolling traffic jams he's been caught up in. I find myself reminded of why I prefer dirt racing over asphalt after watching good cars forced to follow lines of slower cars driving by the mirror for the better part of 25 laps. I suppose these asphalt folks sort of expect this stuff, but I honestly don't know where they get that kinda patience. Thankfully Mike once again has a car capable of pulling off the win on any given night. The rest is up to the talent behind the wheel and a little luck. We may not have the best of luck but we're certainly not short on talent when it comes to the wheelman. That helps alot! ;-) Next week the Main Event Series will be at Midvale so don't go yelling at me if there's no update for that parade unless something spectacular happens.hehe

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