What A Weekend!
Date: Sunday, May 31 @ 22:56:35 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Friday night brought plenty of excitement with the first leg of the Late Model Triple Crown Series at Lakeville. Mother Nature rolled into town just before the features were to get started but that just held up the action for a little while. The Pure Stocks ran their feature first and it was one hell of a race. Old man Haven all but promised me another feature win but he never got that caution he needed to complete his run from the 10th starting spot. It sure as hell wasn't like he left anything behind from not trying hard enough though. The front 2 cars would run the final laps with a flat front tire each and neither one was about to back down. The 151 car of Hinton snuck past Dickerson to pick up the win in the final turn. The Late Model feature was even more action packed with JR Gentry still looking for that feature win that got away from him on opening night, and a strong field of others trying to keep that from happening. Always sure to provide plenty of thrills of his own, the old timer Blaine Aber seemed to be the most determined one out there to keep Gentry from taking home the $1200 prize. Gentry and Aber were door to door for nearly every lap with Aber wheeling a wounded car by the half-way mark. Broken shock and all, the heavy footed veteran managed to pull ahead of Gentry off the corners until the final laps. One small slip is all that JR was waiting for and he pounced when that finally happened. Once out front he was able to stretch out his lead and headed straight to the Winners Circle. I swear I saw Gentry senior actually crack a smile as JR took the lead. ;-)

Saturday night held its own thrills and once again Mike Miller was happy to provide his share of excitement. It's no secret that if this guy straps into a decent piece of equipment he's gonna be a threat to pick up the win. He's had his share of frustrations lately while wheeling a strong car only to be stuck in traffic for most of the night. This week would turn out so much different, and for once he wouldn't be held up deep in the field, thanks to the luck of the draw. Starting outside the front row he would only have to make an early move to clear the pole sitter which turned out to be a hair raising experience. It would also require a restart after a bit of paint swapping negated the first lap. At the drop of the green on the second try Miller once again went hard into turn one pulling past the leader coming off turn two and the rest was just plain purrrrty! Damn that car looks much better out front all by itself. It looks even better in the Winners Circle come to think of it. Hot diggety damn this winning stuff is fun! :-) We should have an easy week this week with only minor damage to repair and of course that search for even more speed will continue. It's not like we're just gonna sit back and savor the taste of victory all week. Well,,,,, maybe for a day or two wouldn't hurt I guess...........

I'm told there was even some excitement over at WCS on Saturday night too. CONGRATS goes out to Chet Alexander for picking up the heat race win on his first night of action this year. Not bad for a guy that has has some pretty tough breaks keep him away from the track for so long. Let's hope all those things are behind him now and he can start making up for lost time. Give 'em hell Chet! The other excitement I'm hearing about from WCS involved some Pure Stock ugliness. All I can say is it sounds like more than a couple people are tired of the shit handed out by certain people. Awwwwe,,,,, ain't that a bitch?! hehehe

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