The ''Old Man'' Does It Again!
Date: Monday, June 08 @ 22:39:39 MST
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While the focus was meant to be on the Sprints on Friday night at Lakeville, one of the best races was once again the Pure Stock feature. This time the front row would have "Old Man Haven" in his Mopar beside his own son in his bowtie powered ride. I don't think I have to describe the grin on my face as that Dodge pulled away and never looked back. Sure the wiley veteran made it look interesting a couple of times but he was clearly in control of the outcome of this one. Behind the Havens there was a fierce battle between frequent top runners such as Baney, Mensching, Dickerson and even a late charge from Daugherty. This was good clean action packed racing at it's best! The Sprint feature was pretty interesting too but it didn't take long to see who would take home the $1200 prize. Tim Hunter handed out what could only be termed a good old fashioned ass whoopin once again. Sure he had to work his way to the front, and then work his way damn near through the entire field again, but he made that look fairly easy too. I'm wondering if maybe it's time to put a bounty on this guy to see just who can knock him off his throne. It's not like there haven't been some stout Sprints there this year so far but there just has to be somebody out there that's up to the challenge,, right? ;-)

Saturday night had it's own share of action at Midvale Speedway. Miller parked the car early in hot laps which can only mean he's pretty happy with his ride. Qualifying 4th would start him deep in the field for the feature but we're pretty used to that by now. With a good car and a decent start, anything is possible with this guy. Jumping up on the wheel at the drop of the green, Mike went to work weaving his way through the field using any opening he could find. Meanwhile up front it was starting to look like Bob Schneider would pick up his first feature win. Without a caution or two I'm pretty certain he could have pulled it off too but the cautions bunched up the field to his dismay. By that time Mike was close enough to smell the lead in 3rd. On a restart with 5 laps to go it looked like he'd own the lead soon but another caution ruined that great run. On the next try Mike would have to wait his turn to try to sneak by Schneider as Willison beat him to it this time. The laps would run out before he had a clean enough shot at sealing the deal on Schneider and he'd have to settle for 3rd. Not a bad run by any means but I'd love to have had another couple of laps. That's racin' though, and we'll take it. ;-)

On a serious note I'd like for all you racers out there to keep the family of Dan Stemple and the entire #30 Late Model crew in your prayers. Dan suffered a heart attack in the pits Saturday night and literally scared the hell out of all of us. I'm told he's showing signs of improvement already but he's got a long road ahead of him. I sure hope to see all of the Garbrandt team back out there soon!

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