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Date: Sunday, August 16 @ 22:50:55 MST
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It might seem hard to accept but the regular season is quickly winding down at most area tracks. That certainly doesn't mean the action is over and it's time to retire to the house on the weekends by any means. There's still a few good weeks of regular points races left and then the real fun begins. One of my all time favorite big shows has been the Pittsburgher event at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. This event has been taken a few different directions over the years, but this year it takes a HUGE step to the top of the "must see" list. With the recent closing of Challenger Speedway it seemed that their kickass season ending show would just be a memory. That's when Pittsburgh decided to combine that show with their own Pittsburgher this year. This new combined show will offer a possible $30,000 to the winner! If you've never been to Pittsburgh, you just have to make the trip for this one. They call the place "Dirt's Monster 1/2 Mile" and that's no bullshit. That place is huge and the speeds are simply un-friggin-real! A $60 weekend pit pass will get you closer to the action than most folks would ever imagine. You'll be a few feet away in the infield as the ground shakes from those Late Models gliding into the turns under full throttle. Yes, wide fuggin' open! If this show doesn't get your blood pumping, you should see your doctor immediately, not 4 hours later. ;-)

Speaking of blood pumping action, Lakeville had plenty of their own this Friday night. In recent weeks it seemed that some of the "ugly" that Lakeville has worked so hard to remove might just return. With $1000 on the line for the Bombers and Pure Stocks, this week would be the real test. I'm happy to say that my worst fears were proven to be wrong. Hats off to all those drivers for keeping their heads on straight and putting on one hell of a show all night. The side by side thrills started early in the Pure Stock heat races. Some of the best in the area showed up to take a shot at the prize money and it was clear they brought their A-games. It was great to see guys like Drouhard, Channel, Frame and others return to the Lakeville clay. The stout field ran tight and fast all night long. In the end Bob Daugherty would be the one taking a victory lap with the checkers but not before a great challenge from Channel was ended by contact in turn 2 in the final laps. It was a tough call and some fans didn't take it too well but at least the drivers handled it with class. Fans and family members could learn alot from these guys if ya ask me.

The 4 cylinder Bombers were chasing $1000 of their own and they weren't about to let the Pure Stocks steal the show. Their heat races were just as action packed with plenty of 3 and even 4 wide racing. The feature was filled with the baddest 4 bangers to be found on dirt for sure. Kyle Moore would bring home the big money and he sure as hell earned it. What a race!

In asphalt news, the season is quickly running out for us at Midvale Speedway. There's just 2 more regular points nights on the schedule for us before the double points night of Season Championship. After leading the points for most of the season, things have slowly tightened up lately. While we've been pretty good most nights the competition has really stepped up their game. This week started out well enough with good lap times in practice and a heat race win. The feature however would be another story. We were hoping our adjustments would be enough to let Mike get to the front early from his 7th place starting spot. Unfortunately the entire field ran side by side for several laps which left Mike boxed in when he really needed to be on the move. When he finally got the chance to use the outside line he was dragged to the rear of the field by another car that just couldn't get the needed grip in the outer groove. Once he had the outside to himself it became clear that the right rear tire was all used up for the night and Mike would just have to take what he could get from there. With just a few more chances left for the year, we'll be doing our homework this week to find a way back to a more stable setup on a long run. Thankfully we've got plenty of notes to look over. ;-)

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