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Date: Thursday, December 24 @ 23:04:34 MST
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Twas the night before Christmas
And you thought I forgot
This one's a bit rushed
But I'll give it a shot

You've come to expect
Your annual dose of good cheer
Christmas just wouldn't be right
Without some ramblings on here.

So let's take a look back
And a quick glimpse ahead
Next year will be different
Or so it's been said.

The start of the '09 season
Brought a new imgage for one local track
Lakeville's cleaned up the ugly
Let's hope they never look back.

The brawls were all gone
The bickering was down too
And Ed Fredricks added yours truly
As one of his crew.

Many familiar faces
Showed up in Victory Lane
But one night in June
A new kid snagged the A-Main

This young Matt Irey kid
Has sure been showing his guts
That's why his first feature win
Made the whole crowd go nuts!

Now onto asphalt action
We sure had some fun
But the screwing we'd get was obvious
Long before the last race was run.

We always ran strong
And Miller was on top of his game
But the tower's scoring and calls
Were a real fuckin' shame.

So we were robbed of a championship
We busted ass for all year
I can't speak for Mike
But I'm glad 2009 is now in the mirror.

So what can we expect
From the next season of racing?
We've heard tons of rumors
But we still don't know what we're facing.

How about it track owners
It's time to get on the ball
Let's end the rumors
That have been flying since Fall.

Who will own what?
And who will be there?
Alot of folks wanna race
But they gotta know where.

So what do I want from Santa?
What's on my wish list this year?
I'd settle for a couple new track OWNERS
And another cold beer.

Merry Christmas To All You Local Racers & Fans
That Are The Real Reason For The Racing Season!

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