Date: Sunday, July 14 @ 12:07:49 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

We may be taking a break from running the car but I just couldn't stay away from the track any longer.Apparently there are some people that wish I would have.;-) I don't feel too bad though since I'm not the only person to get into an "altercation" with the Anderson gang last night.It seems that they have a tough time accepting the fact that rules apply to everybody out there,including spoiled little punks! Life's a bitch,ain't it? I've been in racing since those "boys" have been in diapers,and they're not the first high dollar,low class,spoiled brats that I've seen come and go.They probably won't be the last either.It's clear to see that people like that don't truly understand what racing is all about.What a shame.Some day they might learn that money can't buy them class,sportsmanship,or talent.It was pretty obvious last night that it didn't buy them any friends either. Just how many times did the security people keep your "friends" away from you last night,Troy? ;-) It seems you're getting more popular each week.People like that could learn all about class,sportsmanship and raw freaking talent from a team like FullThrottle.They are one of the teams out there that truly understand what racing is supposed to be all about.If only there were more teams like them.I should appologize to them for any problems I might have caused them because of my run-in with the Andersons while in their pits.Sorry guys but as they say on the playgound,"he started it";-) I hope to see you guys out there next week and maybe even with ol' #9!

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