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Date: Thursday, March 04 @ 11:23:23 MST
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After one of the ugliest winters this area has seen in many years, it's finally time to set our sites on the 2010 racing season. This one should be even more interesting than we're used to around here. New ownership at Hilltop and Midvale will be bringing some great improvements to area racers and fans.

One of the most exciting announcements of the off season had to be the deal offered to racers at Hilltop. For a registration fee of $100 they will get one free pit pass every time their car is there to race. Now that's making racing affordable! No other track has even attempted something like this so we'll have to see how it all plays out I guess. Maybe it will get other tracks thinking of similar plans and maybe it won't, but it's one hell of a deal if you ask any racer. The 2010 schedule includes a Sprint Speed Week show, an Enduro race, and even a music festival along with plenty of other great shows. Hilltop plans to kick off their season with an open practice on March 24th, and opening night on March 27th. Yep, that's a SATURDAY night! They've made the switch to Saturdays this year which allows them to work with Lakeville instead of against them. More on that shortly.....

Lakeville will kick off their season on April 2nd with a few changes in place. The Sprints are gone this year (except some special events), and the Trucks return "home" to Lakeville where they got their start. Modifieds will also return for some specials this season. The 4cyl. Bombers class will once again focus on the "stock" type cars that helped Lakeville keep a great car count all season in 2009. Lakeville and Hilltop have also worked together to offer a great bonus offer to their Late Models. Any driver that can win the Late Model feature at both tracks on the same weekend will bring home an extra $500 to go with the bragging rights for pulling off the weekend of domination. This should make for some kickass action at both tracks this year!

Not to be left out of the "bonus" madness this season, Wayne County Speedway has offered up their own version of a Late Model challenge and even included a bonus for their other classes as well. Any driver winning their feature at any Friday night track, and then repeating that task on Saturday night at WCS will pick up a nice bonus of their own. Late Models will snag an extra $500, Modifieds $150, Pure Stocks $50, and Mini Stocks also haul home an extra $50. Other nice bonus plans are in place for the winner of the Late Model points championship too. Be sure to check out the WCS website to see the details of the bonus plans. Racing action is set to kick off at WCS on April 10th.

Deerfield Speedway is looking forward to another great season of good ol' family fun in 2010. They will hold a practice day on April 3rd to get things started, and opening night is scheduled for April 10th. Their schedule is packed full of specials all season long and ends with the annual Halloween Classic on October 2nd. I've said it in the past but if you haven't made the trip to Deerfield, you owe it to yourself to get out there to check out the action. You won't find a nicer, cleaner, more family friendly track in this area!

As mentioned above, Midvale Speedway is also under new ownership this season. Actually these folks aren't exactly "new" to the place since the Smith family has owned the place before. This time it's a little different though as for the first time ever the owners also own the ground the track sits on which translates into a good solid future for the track at a time that it needs it the most. The deal took longer than expected to complete so changes for this season are few but they are great news. Finally, the payouts will increase across the board. That's very welcome news! The 2010 schedule includes 2 Main Event shows, the ever popular spectator drags, Circle Track Mini Trucks, and even a show featuring the ARCA Truck Series. Practice days are scheduled for April 10th, 11th, and 16th. Racing action kicks into high gear on April 17th.

Below are links to these tracks mentioned. Be sure to check them out for any changes and more exciting announcements!

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