Date: Wednesday, June 16 @ 10:21:23 MST
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It's hard to believe we're this far into the season already. Hilltop has already gotten their Mid-Season show in the books, and Speed Weeks is just around the corner! Ol' Mother Nature has sure as hell done her damage this year forcing plenty of rain outs everywhere but with the early start at Hilltop they've put on more shows than anybody else. This is the time of the year when new ownership will sometimes start to lose that "new attitude shine" but I've seen no signs of that so far in Millersburg. In fact the latest improvements to the track surface show that Jesse and the gang are working their asses off to keep that from happening. They've survived the first half of the season very well despite some ,,,, let's just say "less than professional" actions attempting to hurt them financially. As for the low life scum sucking dirtbag asshole momma's boy summmbitch that actually posted on message board that the show was cancelled (when it clearly was not) , you should be forced to only attend asphalt racing the rest of your life. Or,, you could simply rot in hell,,,,your choice! Hats off to Hilltop, their racers, and fans for handling all of this drama with such class.

Since my asshole boss has been working me like a dog lately my time at Lakeville this past week was pretty short. I was there long enough to see a great looking track for the second week in a row though. Damn, that was just plain purrrrty! I also watched JR Gentry run off with a heat race in fine fashion. I would have loved to hung around for the features to see the battles that new wide surface provides. What a difference that place has seen in recent weeks! This Friday night Dzugan Fire & Rescue will bring you the Late Model Sporty 40 and you won't want to miss that. 40 laps of door to door Late Model action fighting for $2000 to win. All other divisions except Mini Trucks will also be on hand. Maybe,, just maybe some lucky bastard can pick up the 2 grand and then pull the double over at Hilltop on Saturday to pick up the $500 bonus for one hell of a weekend. The bonus money hasn't been claimed yet this year but this week the total would be $3500 for the one that can pull it off. That should get some guys up on the wheel Friday night for sure!

On Saturday night Midvale was finally able to get our 3rd night of mayhem,,,errr ummm racing in. Sometimes it might just be better to get rained out. With just one change to the car Miller turned the fastest laps of the field in practice. That was about the only good part of the night though. Early in the Heat race there was a cluster fuck at the front of the field that left Mike no place to go. The result was a twisted up oily mess. It looked like BP was involved when the oil line was ripped from the filter adapter taking the threads with it. Not the kind of night a points leader wants. Most of the night we thrashed to see if we could get enough of the car back together for the Feature and were even offered a couple chances for a backup car. When it was time to line up Miller would show up in his own ride looking alot like a Modified. Knowing the new look was bound to hurt performance we didn't expect much but it only took a couple laps for Mike to jump to the high side and get to work. Frequent cautions took away most of his hard work but it was clear that this thing was still pretty fast as ugly as it was. Cautions would return him to just a 6th place finish though. What a shame after all that ass busting in the pits and on the track. This week the 53 car has picked up a nickname due to it's new "DFC" style body repair. We figured that since things get pretty ugly out there every week there's no sense in wasting brand new aluminum each time. Mike Miller will take to the track in "Patches" this week and until they finally calm the hell down at Midvale. Ya know what I always say,,,,, pretty ain't never won a race. Not long ago I remember seeing Mike drive the wheels off the thing with one side ripped off and busted up all around. That night he brought home the win. Some guys can make anything look good I guess. ;-)

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