Historic Weekend Of Action
Date: Monday, July 05 @ 09:01:03 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

A balst from the past rolled into Lakeville Speedway on Friday night. Actually several of them showed up. The Vintage American Race Cars returned to put on a show with some beautiful restored classics from days gone by. We're talking about some cars that raced even before this old fart can remember! While it may have looked like many of them would be more comfortable sitting at an area rootbeer stand, they took to the track and gave the crowd a show to remember. Sure the action wasn't as great as the other classes in action Friday night, but these were real pieces of history turning laps at a pretty historic track. Some cruised around slowly trying to protect their investments while others looked like they were still chasing the checkers from decades ago. Either way it was pretty damn cool to witness.

Even more history was witnessed at Lakeville this week as Flyin' Ryan Markham picked up his 100th Feature win at the very same track he got his first one. Markham has come a long way since 1994 for sure and I have no doubt he'll be picking up plenty more wins for years to come. This guy is a threat to win at any track on any night. It may be no secret that I don't exactly like his attitude sometimes, but this guy can sure as hell wheel a race car with best of them anywhere. It was great to see him return to Lakeville to pick up such a milestone in his career. Congrats Ryan!

Congrats also go out to Bob Daugherty for picking up his second win in a row. He may have had a slow start to the season and even some major setbacks, but Daugherty is starting to look like he's got things dialed in again. This can't be good news for the other folks out there. Maybe it will take a Mopar to put him back in his place. Gee,,, wasn't there a pretty damn fast Mopar out there not long ago? Sure would be nice to see it back out there showing the Bowtie crowd what a real motor sounds like. ;-) While we're on the Pure Stock subject, it seems that the second place finisher was busted in post race inspection and DQ'd. What the hell were ya thinking dude?! One hell of a run got thrown away for something that just shouldn't have happened. Lakeville checks every car at the start of the night and the top finishers in the feature EVERY week! Illegal stuff will eventually bite ya in the ass at some point as you've now discovered. I just happen to know where you can get a good deal on a carb that WILL pass tech inspection if you're interested. ;-)

In asphalt news, the Main Event Series returned to Midvale Speedway on Friday night. Miller would once again pilot the #6 car at his home track. This car is just plain fast but seems to suffer some sort of mechanical issues each time it comes to this area. This week would be no different. Clutch issues hindered practice and qualifying but you wouldn't know it by the lap times. With Mike feathering the car to get the clutch to engage he still managed to qualify second fastest while shattering the old track record. Told ya this thing is fast! Contact while battling up front would send Miller to the tail where he'd have his work cut out for him. Even losing a cylinder wouldn't keep him from marching back towards the front, but when another cylinder died the fun was over. What a damn shame. Some day this thing may hold up the entire race night and that will be something to see for sure. There's no doubt it's fast enough to win, and the pilot can pull it off. Things just have to go right for once. Then again,, I reckon that's racing. ;-)

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