2010 Season Winding Down
Date: Tuesday, August 24 @ 22:22:41 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It's hard to believe but the end of the racing season is nearly here already. It's crunch time for those chasing points positions and championships. At Lakeville the points battle has been tight in most divisions all season and they've got a few more weeks until the championships are decided. Midvale has 2 regular nights left before Season Championship night with double points. With Mike Miller leading the points every night except one this year, we'll be holding our breath and looking for any possible chance to stretch out our current 23 point lead until the final checkers fly on September 11th. This one promises to be a tight battle to the bitter end once again. Hilltop will hold their Season Championship night this weekend along with some make-up races from a previous rainout. This is your chance to get even more kickass door to door action on "The Hill" for the same reasonable price. Damn, I wish I could make it there for this one.

There's plenty of big shows to take in this time of the year too of course. The Hillbilly 100 is right around the corner and features a bonus night this year for a total of 4 awesome nights of action. Hilltop will have a 2 day event Sept. 11th & 12th featuring the Mini Stock Nationals along with Outlaw Minis, Street Stocks, Modifieds, Cruisers, and Mini Trucks. This should be a wild show. Always a wild show is the Dirt Blowout at Lakeville Speedway and it comes on Sept. 24th and 25th this year. Final details are still being worked out but you better make plans to make this show. September 16 - 18th brings one of my favorite shows to sneak away for. The Pittsburgher at PPMS is a show you must witness yourself at least once. I've been hooked since my first visit a few years ago and hope to make the trip again this year. This year the Pittsburgher show will also feature Big Block Modifieds and 410 Sprints. That should be something to see on that big wide open speed plant for sure. Get your asses down to Pittsburgh for this one and I'll bet you'll be hooked too. There's sure to be some other special events left on the schedules of local tracks (including an Enduro at Hilltop!) so get out there and get your fix before the gates swing closed for another long ugly winter.

If your weren't at Lakeville this past Friday night you missed some damn good racing action. The Pure Stocks always put on one of the best shows every night and this week was no exception. The Late Models have recently had their troubles but this week it was awesome to see the 2 and 3 wide battles throughout the entire field. You could have thrown a blanket over the top 5 for much of the feature with Corey Conley himself held to just a 3rd place finish. Hats off to all those that put on a good clean action packed show for the crowd!

On a sad note, I lost a damn good friend last week to a motorcycle/SUV accident and it sure put things in perspective. It's always kinda bothered me to see people take a simple racing situation too seriously, and I suppose I've even done it myself over the years. Now, looking at the big picture those things seem so trivial it's almost sickening. A friend like Scott Bushkill and the memories many of us have with him and his family can't be compared to those things we think are so damn important at any given moment. I'm probably the last person that should do any preaching but a wise person once told me to stop and count my blessings and I wouldn't have time to bitch about anything. Pretty damn good advice it turns out. I along with many others were truly blessed to have known Scott and his family for all these years and the world has lost a great man. He was one of the toughest, baddest summbitches to walk the earth but his heart of gold always shined through. Ride on "Bush" and may you rest in peace my friend. Hang in there Stubby and we're all here for ya! ~~~ "Squeak"

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