Lakeville Makes Some BIG Changes For 2011
Date: Wednesday, December 29 @ 11:50:42 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Some more plans For the 2011 season at Lakeville have recently been made official and in case you missed it, they're some important ones. I don't even know where to start. I've mentioned more than once that Randy is one to take suggestions from the racing community very seriously and works very hard to give the folks what they want. That attitude has led to the biggest changes the place has seen in years. I can't tell you how happy I am to see the tire rule get thrown out the window. HOT DAMN it's about time! Not only does this open up the Late Model division to honest to goodness no holds barred Super Late Models, it also opened the door to bring in the TSMA Modifieds. This class has been known to publicly beg for a shot at Lakeville in recent years so I hope like hell they step up now and bring a great field of cars each week. We all know that Randy has stuck his neck out for classes in the past only to have it bite him in the ass, so let's see the Modified teams show their support and make this a success for everybody. I know the fans love to see the Mods in action so they're bound to show up to see a nice car count of them in the pits each week. Speaking of the fans, they get a nice bonus too for 2011. Grandstand pricing has been adjusted with adult prices DROPPED to just $10! This place has always claimed to be the home of affordable Friday night action and they're proving it once again. Season passes can also be purchased for $200 for grandstands, and $500 for the pits. In this shitty economy it's tough for any track to not only take on a higher level division, but to also cut prices, but Randy has once again listened to the racing community and done what he can to give them what they want. These changes, along with the already mentioned improvements to the track surface should take away any excuse you used to have for missing the action every Friday night at Lakeville in 2011. Besides, you'll even get to see my smiling face there too! ;-) Now get started on those race cars and make your plans to support this place all season long even if it's just from the stands. More news from Lakeville is still in the works so stay tuned........

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