Silly Season In Full Swing
Date: Monday, February 21 @ 10:31:59 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

As the 2011 racing season sneaks up on us quickly, some rumors have turned out to be bullshit while others have been proven true. It seems like WCS has been king of the rumor mill for years now so we'll start there. Any doubt you may have had about the trouble the place has been in should now be gone. There's now an auction sign on the property to prove it. April 6th will be a very important day for one of our favorite area tracks. This day could bring the brightest opportunity for the place in many years, or it could mean the end of a once great source for kickass racing action. Let's all hope for the best and somebody steps up and saves this place. Bringing it back to it's glory will no doubt be quite a task but there's also no doubt that the racing community will stand strong behind any new owner with an honest plan to revive WCS. The past has shown plenty of support even for shady characters and that support would double with the right opportunity. Count me in!

Other rumors have flown about Mike Miller hanging up his helmet after a story book career spanning well over 30 years. This guy has seen and done it all over the years including snagging several championships along the way. Why not go out on top after picking up the championship yet again in 2010? After getting a respectable deposit on his car a week ago, it seems that his weekly points battles may finally be behind him but I doubt that helmet of his will collect much dust. You'll still see him in the 6 car at Main Event shows, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him pick up a ride during the regular season anytime he wants. Ideas are being thrown around already and he's still got that itch in him to do what he does best, win. I've been blessed to be part of his racing action the past few years and it's been a great ride. I've worked with many folks in racing over the years and I can honestly say I've enjoyed working with him the most. It's not even about the winning. It has more to do with working with a real class act that takes racing pretty damn seriously while still having fun at it. You all know I'd rather support a racer that finds success with more hard work than money, and Miller is a perfect example of that. Racing could sure use more folks like him and it will be sad to see him step away from it even a little. I can only hope that I'll be involved in some way in any future racing plans he may have. I'm pretty sure that the field of Late Model teams at Midvale just let out a sigh of relief knowing that Miller will be out of the points chase for the first time in many years. On that note, I'd like to be the first to congratulate one of the Smith kids on their 2011 championship. ;-)

In other news, there's no doubt that last season brought plenty of buzz about those Diamond Chassis Modifieds with Morehouse out there kicking ass everywhere he went. Picking up 26 feature wins, Morehouse brought plenty of attention to the new chassis on his own. Racers are always looking for that extra "edge" against the field so it was no surprise to see folks line up to place an order for a new Diamond during the off season. One of those folks was none other than Larry Reed, owner of the #88 Modifieds. Yep, it looks like DFC Racing's favorite Mod driver, Rory Reed will be piloting a shiny new Diamond in 2011. This should be interesting! The new power plant is also on the way, and I'll be working on the vinyl work soon to get this new ride ready to hit the track. Look for Rory at Hilltop and Lakeville from what I've been told so far. He'll be one of those guys up front so it should be easy to spot him. ;-)

As mentioned before, Hilltop and Lakeville will be working to improve their racing surfaces with the addition of some new clay. I know some folks take that to mean that the entire track surfaces will be fresh new clay, but that won't be the case at either track. It will however be a very welcome improvement at both places and should add to the already action packed racing we've grown to expect. It looks like I'll have more free time on Saturday nights than I'm used to and I'm still kicking a few ideas around about that, but I look forward to getting down to Hilltop more often than last year for sure. I have a real addiction for that place!

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