Lakeville Moves Opening Day To April 8th
Date: Wednesday, March 30 @ 10:27:48 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

With Mother Nature dragging out this ugly Ohio winter as long as she can, I don't think anybody is shocked to hear that Lakeville has delayed the start of their season until next Friday. With high temps forecast in the 40's during the day I sure as hell wasn't looking forward to a nice breezy night on the flagstand in front of a nearly empty grandstands. I'm sure more than a few racers and fans were really looking forward to finally hitting the track again, but let's not freeze to death for a little fun. Speaking of the flagstand, it looks like my time up there this year may be limited. With that asshole boss of mine finding even more work for me to do it will be tough for me to make it up there every night before long. Don't worry, you'll see my smiling face up there to start the season at least, and then as often as I can after the beginning of March or so. Either way you'll find me at Lakeville on Friday nights all season long.

Moving the opening night back a week will also allow more time for Randy and the gang to complete the needed improvements to the track. New dirt is being installed to once again fix that ugliness in turn one that has been there since I was just a kid. After widening the racing surface last season we say some great kickass side by side racing and if they can keep the track surface smoother this place will bring some of the best action to be found on dirt anywhere. No dirt track will be great every night but trust me when I say that Randy takes it very personal when things don't go well and he busts his ass to make things right.

Keep in mind that the 2011 season brings a new division to Lakeville too. Gone are those Mini Trucks that failed to show up in decent numbers. This year Lakeville welcomes the Modifieds! After years of them wanting a shot at Lakeville, it's time for them to bring a great field of cars and put on the great shows we know they're capable of. I'm looking forward to seeing just that. I'm also looking forward to seeing 2 of my favorite Pure Stocks hitting the track this year at Lakeville. "Mr. Consistency" Denny Shear has been working to get his ride ready and there's even rumors of the return of Jeff Facemire to the Pure Stock field. Facemire has seemed to struggle each year with mechanical problems but when that thing stays together he's one to watch for sure. I especially enjoy watching these team mates battling door to door every chance they get. This could be interesting!

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