It's nice to be back!
Date: Sunday, July 21 @ 01:24:40 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

It sure felt good to see the return of ol'#9 tonight.The track was pretty slick and we ended up in the toughest heat race of the night.Richie started 2nd and drove the wheels off the car to bring home a 5th place finish.He fought off the challenges of Randy Pollock and Troy Anderson for quite a while but Randy picked just the right spot to make his move and passed him clean.Troy wasn't so lucky though.He wasn't about to get around Richie til he went into turn 1 a little too hard and let Troy get beside him.That gave Troy a chance to nail Richie coming out of turn 2 and get him out of shape.That probably wasn't the smartest thing he coulda done.;-) Ya see,he couldn't get away from ol'#9 on the back stretch and Richie drove it back under him going into turn 3.While fighting for the spot,Richie managed to return the "bump" and the race was on! Time ran out before Richie could get all the way back around him but he surely knew DFC Racing came to RACE tonight. Damn that was purrrty!! "AMC-Ya",my ass. ;-) By the time we ran the feature,the track was even slicker and there wasn't much passing going on anywhere.Richie did manage to move up to 13th from his 15th starting spot and brought the car home in one piece.That's about all we could ask for tonight.It was just so nice to be back and have such a strong run in the heat race.I feel so much better now.:-) We just gotta congratulate Randy on his 3rd place finish in the feature too.Nice run Randy!!

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