Door To Door Action Kicks Off 2011 Season At Hilltop
Date: Monday, April 11 @ 09:29:52 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Hilltop has a very well deserved reputation for some of the best door to door racing action to be found anywhere and Saturday night was a perfect example of that. Mother Nature let up just enough to allow the gang on "The Hill" to finally start off their season and racers and fans took full advantage of the long overdue break from rain and cold weather. The crowd was thin early but they filled quickly once it was clear that the show was on. The pits were filled with some of the best talent in the area including nearly 40 Modifieds. Holy shit it was looking like it was gonna be a really long night. Hats off to the entire crew though for keeping the show rolling at a great pace and getting it all in at a decent time. It's been too long since the grandstands shook from the the thunder of a field of ground pounding motors and it felt great after such a long and ugly winter. Early in the night the crowd was treated to one hell of a Late Model Dash as Lee and Myers raced door to door the entire time. Lee squeaked out the win but it left many wondering how the feature would turn out. Lee and Myers made up the front row for the feature and I have to say I was disappointed to see Lee jump out front comfortably from the drop of the green. Sure there was plenty of kickass action throughout the rest of the field but we all wanted to see a battle for the lead. However just when I got interested in a heated battle in the middle of the pack, Myers made a run for Lee and made a real race out of it for the remainder of the race. Lapped traffic played a part in the outcome but both drivers had to deal with the same situations. I can see a real rivalry between these two the rest of the year that's for sure. These guys put on a great show without any real ugliness between them and that's what the fans love to see.

The Late Models weren't the only class to have awesome door to door action all night by any means. The Mods brought the biggest car count and required two consi races to settle the field for the feature. Rory Reed still doesn't have his new ride ready so they brought out the ride from last year. He ran 3rd in his heat race until a few feet from the stripe which forced him to run the B-Main. Rory drove his ass off to keep the lead even through a few one lap shoot-out attempts. The win felt good and making the show was the main goal but he'd start deep in the field for the feature resulting in an 11th place finish. The king of the mods on this night had to be Kenny Johnson. He checked out on the pack early but was forced to make a trip to the pits for a flat tire late in the race. Returning with just a few laps to go he amazed the crowd by slicing through the entire field to finish 2nd on the heels of winner Jesse Wisecarver. Oh if there was only one more lap left. I guess he'll have to wait til next week to finish that ass whoopin' he started this week. ;-)

Since I didn't many chances to get to Hilltop last season it was nice to finally get to see some old friends in action once again. Randy Pollock was sporting his new vinyl from Wengerd Enterprises and working out a few bugs to start his season. He looks to have stepped it up a bit since the last time I saw him on the track. I also rarely got to see Brandon Craver in his Street Stock since his years of dominating the Mini Truck class. The kid has stepped up to play with the big boys for sure now. Keep an eye on this young fella. I also ran into Jeff Facemire and he tells me the finishing touches are done on his ride so he should be back in action next week.

From the looks of the talent rolling into Hilltop on just the first night, it's clear that this is gonna be one hell of a season. You don't want to miss a single night of the action on "The Hill"!

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