Holy Shit! Hilltop Packs 'Em In!!
Date: Tuesday, May 03 @ 08:42:41 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Mother Nature sure has kicked us around alot lately but racers and fans got a brief break in the weather Saturday night and made the best of it at Hilltop. More than 170 cars rolled into the pits and treated the packed house to one hell of a show. It's been way too long since a Street Stock class has run 2 consi races but that was just one treat on tap for the crowd. Late Models and Mods also ran 2 consi races, 4 heat races, and their Dash races too! Some will say the huge numbers were because Hilltop was the only track open, and that certainly had some effect for sure. However this place has earned a great reputation for some of the best racing action to be found on dirt anywhere so it's not really too much of a shock to see this type of crowd. Mother Nature rolled into Millersburg before all of the features could be run so Hilltop made the brilliant decision to split up the make-up features over the next 2 weeks. Since May 7th is the Holmes County 30 $2000 to win Late Model show it only makes sense NOT to run the make-up Late Model feature on the same night. Hats off to ya Jesse and crew for making that call. May 7th will include the make-up features for Mods and Trucks instead. On May 14th the regular show will also include the make-up features for Late Models and Street Stocks. Now, that simply makes sense. General admission for the May 14th show is just $5 so you have no excuse for not showing up and bringing everybody ya can load into your car/truck/van/school bus! Family obligations forced me to miss this weeks action on the hill but hopefully things will smooth out around here by the weekend. I missed the return of Jeff Facemire and Denny Shear to the Street Stock field on Saturday night but I plan to see these guys battle each other once again next week dammit! BE THERE!!

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