Congrats To Josh Miller!
Date: Monday, June 06 @ 09:52:19 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Watching Josh Miller the past few seasons it was clear to me that this young fella has plenty of raw driving talent. He started out with less car than most of his competition and I suppose that made it even more fun watching him battle with the best of them each week. Last season even in a pretty bent up race car he still found his way towards the front of the pack while busting his ass just to wrestle the thing down the straights. That's just plain determination if ya ask me. Josh has lead plenty of laps in his short career but until this Friday night at Lakeville he'd never lead the pack to the checkers in a feature. He started this season with a straight race car that actually handled so it was probably just a matter of time before he put that streak to rest. Taking the lead early from one of the most experienced Pure Stock guys at Lakeville, Bob Daugherty, was just his first impressive move of the night. He would go on to do battle with Daugherty and Patterson and prove that he belonged up front. With Daugherty breaking in the final laps it was between Miller and Patterson the rest of the way and what a show these guys put on! Neither driver was gonna give an inch for sure. Patterson has had plenty of wins already and he's certainly not one to give one away easily no matter who ya are. However, Miller could once again taste his first feature win and this time nothing was gonna take it away. These guys put on the best battle of the night without a doubt and it was awesome to see that grin on Miller's face in the winner's circle. There's nothing sweeter than that first feature win! Now that the tough one is out of the way Josh I look forward to seeing you taking the checkers more often. Gongrats young man. You sure as hell earned this one!

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