Happy Birthday & Happy Father's Day To Some Old Farts
Date: Saturday, June 18 @ 08:30:18 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

First off I have to send out Father's day wishes to all you fathers out there. I especially want to thank my own dad for all he's done to make me who I am today. If it wasn't for him I may have never been involved in racing at all, and that's just one of the gifts he's blessed me with over the years. His health has kept him away from the track the past few years but he's still the first person calling me in the morning after a race night to see how things went. For all your support over the years and all you've done to teach me the most important lessons in life, all I can say is THANKS Pop! The old man will be celebrating yet another birthday on June 25th and it's hard to believe that he's older than the next fella I want to send out birthday wishes to.

Dave Haven will be celebrating his birthday on Sunday June 19th. They tell me he's turning 70 this year but I still have my doubts. I don't want to say he's been racing forever but hell, I've been told that Dave was actually involved in the invention of dirt just so he could race on it! I can't confirm that but that's the story I've been told. ;-) At any rate it's old timers like Dave that have made racing the greatest sport on earth simply by doing it for the love of the sport itself for so many years. Hat's off to ya old fart. Racing could sure use more folks like you right now. Dave's health has kept him away from the track this year but I'm hoping to see him at least return to the pits to shoot the shit with me in the near future.

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