Pollock Finally Returns To Lakeville & Lookin' Good
Date: Tuesday, August 09 @ 08:32:32 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Back In June The Pollock family added a new member when their son Jordan was born. All of that excitement put Randy's racing season on hold for a while. He called me weeks ago looking to get back to Lakeville but Mother nature held those plans up too. It's been several years since the 41 car has turned any laps at Lakeville and the track layout has changed since then. He pitted next to the Dennis Lunger team from Pennsylvania which had never been to Lakeville so at least he had some company being a Lakeville "newbie". ;-) Neither of these guys looked like they were lost in hot laps though. Both seemed to get a handle on the track pretty quick. Pollock would battle with Lunger early in the heat race but mechanical problems forced Randy to the pits. Lunger would go on to take the heat win. When feature time rolled around I was happy to see the 41 ride back in the line-up. At the drop of the green it was clear the young fella was ready to get back to racing. Pollock found himself doing battle with some strong cars including the borrowed ride of Mark Banal. Damn it was nice to see such a strong run from Randy in just his first night back in action. By the time the checkers flew, Pollock was locked into 4th place and running down the front 3. While it was clear he wasn't chasing the win (damn you Duncan! ;-) Pollock turned the smoothest laps I've ever seen him run in a Late Model. Nice job "Speed Racer"! I sure hope to see more action from Pollock this year.

Hopefully that action from Pollock will be at Lakeville. Randy Young and the Lakeville gang are currently looking towards making changes to their entire format so we'll see what the future holds. Lack of support from TSMA management along with a local track hell bent on working against other tracks instead of working with them has forced Young to kick around some completely different ideas for his track. Stay tuned for those updates.

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